Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A Typical British Bank Holiday ! (47)

It's been a few days since I last posted - I just didn't have anything much to say, so I didn't. I've enjoyed looking at what everyone else has been up to on their long weekend - both in America and in the UK. Is it just me though, or do other people feel that Blogger is patronising them? If I don't type the letter code in accurately when I make a comment, it comes back with an easier set of letters!! I feel like the 'special' child in the class.

Yesterday was a typical British bank holiday - wet and dreary. Having cut out zillions of squares for Step 5 of the mystery, I felt weary and went back to bed for a while to watch 'The Lost World' a film from way back, just what I needed to cheer me up guffawing at the dreadful acting and special effects. 

In the afternoon we went to see the new Indiana Jones film. I had seen lots of recommendations on the blogs and we weren't disappointed. It was great fun, well up to the standard of the earlier films. I can't remember the last time we went to the cinema, as we usually wait for films to come out on DVD, but it was super - we even had some popcorn!

Today I've been catching up with emails and blogs (which I've enjoyed) and now I've got to catch up with paperwork. Pooh! never mind, there's plenty of sewing to reward myself with once I'm all organised.


Amelia said...

I agree 100% about the difficulty of the "comment" letters being absolutely crazy the first go around.

Hope the sunshine comes out and you have a wonderful week.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Candace said...

Ditto on the letters. I shudder to think if it were the opposite though, if they started out unintelligable, and kept getting worse.
I am going to have to mention going to see Indiana Jones to my husband. He likes that kind of thing, so it wouldn't be hard to talk him into it.
I just did, and he said, "good idea."

Musings said...

I was advised to remove that letter identification thing that's supposed to protect you from spams. I've been OK so far so I'll keep it off for a while longer until I see a problem. Thanks for the review of the Indiana Jones film. It didn't have great reviews over here. I definitely want to see it now.

Ruthie said...

Good luck on your step 5. I haven't started mine yet.
And your fabric store is so cute!

scraphappy said...

I'm glad you liked the new Indiana Jones movie. I've recorded the first three for the kids, hoping to get them interested so that we could all go as a family to see the new one. No luck so far, maybe I'll have to go without them.

Journeying said...

DD and hubby saw Indiana Jones over the weekend (while we oldsters stayed home - we hardly ever go to the movies anymore - too expensive and not worth the hassle and we wait and see the DVD, too!) on their 3rd wedding anniversary jaunt - they ate out at a very nice place - choosing fish and chips - and then took in the movie.
Our holiday weekend was great till yesterday - then big clouds and thunderstorms and wind....and then today was mostly cloudy with bouts of rain - but since I was back at work it wasn't as bad.

Journeying said...

Know what you mean about the weather for a holiday - here in Tennessee we had a beautiful Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (well, a few cloudy periods) and then Monday started great but soon deteriorated to near darkness and wind and thunder and lightning and rain. Yesterday there was intermittent rain. This morning it's dark and raining.
Hurrah for you if a short period of paperwork gets you caught up and organized. I've got days' worth that needs to be done!
Enjoy your sewing!!

Phyl said...

I love how you reward your own hard work with sewing! Wise woman that you are:).

We have sunshine today...lots and lots of yummy gorgeous wonderful sunshine!

Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Amanda,
we're still waiting for Indiana Jones to open here, we always seem to be the last to get and thing new.
DH is looking forward to it.
Yes, some days there's nothing to post about, but it's lovely to check friends blogs.

Donna said...

Thanks for always leaving such nice comments on my blog. I was thinking about seeing the Indiana Jones movie myself. I have always loved Harrison Ford. Hopefully today is a sewing day for me too.