Sunday, 4 May 2008

Other than quilting (29)

Yesterday I felt well enough to walk around our local town. I would have preferred to walk there rather than drive, but it's several weeks since I felt well enough to have a walk round, so better remember to take things one step at a time. I bought some fabric - but not for quilting. I bought some yellow gingham to make curtains for the kitchen, some blue chambray and some black and white patterned cottons to make a couple of dresses and some white linen mix to make a blouse. So, that's next on the agenda. I'm keen to embellish them with some embroidery or applique, but don't know quite what to do yet.
This morning I finished a cute little wallhanging I've been working on for a few days. I really enjoyed making it - felt applique so no tricky needle turning, and a manageable size. And today it was actually warm enough to have lunch out in the garden. The first week of May - that's really early to be able to sit outside. Long may it last - I love this sort of temperature, where you can sit out in shirt sleeves, but not get too hot. DH has been so busy the last couple of days - clearing weeds, cutting back plants, planting up new plants - and our small garden is beginning to look very attractive. The trees and plants everywhere are beginning to look really lush and ex
uberant, and just growing like mad for the next few weeks.

Tomorrow we go to Brighton to visit our younger son, so I'm really looking forward to that - it's been about three weeks since we last saw him. I rather fear that Brighton may be really crowded since it's a Bank Holiday, and if the weather is good loads of people will head to the seaside. Let's hope we can find somewhere to park!


Candace said...

I'm glad you were feeling up to a walk. Isn't this a great time of year? I'm in Florida USA, but we are also having the wonderful shirt sleeve not too hot weather that is so appreciated. I have been enjoying all the pictures of flowers on the different blogs. What a wonderful time of year in so many places. Have a nice time visiting your son. My son came and visited us yesterday, and it was a nice day.

Julie said...

Your wallhanging is very cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that your feeling better. It is also beautiful here - it is not too warm with no humidity - I suppose we'd better enjoy it while this lasts. I went to Wish Upon A Quilt today. I didn't realize they were closed on Mondays. I did peek in the windows. Not a fancy place - but loads of bolts of fabrics. I looked pretty sad with my nose pressed up against the window looking in. Maybe tommorrow I'll go back out there
The kitties are cute. I love wool - easy and forgiving.

Phyl said...

I am glad you could be out and about for a change:). Your OC colors are gorgeous!

Renee said...

That little wallhanging is so cute. My you are ambitious to be making all those clothes and decorations for the house. Oh, and how exciting to be going to Brighton. I loved it there when I was there 31 years ago. Yes, I missed my daughter's first steps by herself cause we were motoring around England. What fun. Lovely country and people should really know that England is more than just London. Wish I was able to go back, I would pay you a visit. Enjoy yourself in Brighton and I wish for wonderful weather.

Tanya said...

Your kitty quilt is so cute! I've never worked in felt. Not too difficult?