Saturday, 17 May 2008

Men at work (39)

Yesterday, I approached my black and white quilt more calmly, determined to subdue it somehow! I finished hand quilting the two side borders, though I've kept it to the bare minimum. Now I've just got the top and bottom borders to do, and the binding, so another couple of days should see it done. I'm really looking forward to getting enough dry weather to wash it, dry it and get it on the bed. It's very showy and dramatic. At this stage of my quilting 'career' I'm still trying out different styles and haven't settled into any particular style of my own yet. Apart from the OC I'm refusing to start any new quilting project until this one is finished, and my head is buzzing with ideas, so it's about time to get it out of the way.

I did a rather cute piece of stitchery yesterday evening (why can't computers learn to spell words like stitchery when you use it regularly?). I've got three primitive-style cat pictures that I'm going to do in redwork and frame in red fabrics. I'll post a picture once I've got the first one framed.

Yesterday morning two very efficient men came to remove our hedge. They had a machine out at the front of the house which chopped the bushes into woodchips straightaway and shot them into the back of the truck, then used another machine to grind out all of the stumps, then finished off with a kind of vacuum cleaner to clean up the grass and all of the back garden and the pavement outside. A very neat job, and since I for one think you can never see enough of men working here's a couple of photographs! 

The two men over the road are digging up the front garden to make a hard standing. I hate to see it happen, but we gave in last year and had ours done too. One of the problems of living in many of the roads built back in Victorian times is that people didn't have cars then, so there's no room for garages. This road is so narrow and you often end up parking far away from the house so I can understand why so many people are giving up their front gardens for parking areas. It's a shame though - it detracts from the character of these old houses, and isn't good for wildlife or drainage. Something we shall definitely look for when we move is a house with a garage!


Amelia said...

You used the term "hard standing" - exactly what does that mean? Perhaps, a drive way or place to park cars or garage.

I agree - we always like to see men work...

Have a great weekend.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Musings said...

Alas... It is nice to have a garage. Unfortunate that it has to come at the expense of a more beautiful English garden