Friday, 2 May 2008

Post-dentist - and Post (28)

Well, the visit to the dentist has been and gone - rather like my tooth! Thank you so much to everybody who wished me well. I don't know why I get so nervous, but I do. I just shook the whole way through. I have a new dentist, and he was so calm and gentle that it helped enormously. Now I have a big hole and a big bruise and have to wait for three weeks before my next appointment - and then the really big expense starts.

But I have saved some money on buying some fabric from America. I just can't believe the difference in price. I bought from the Wish Upon a Quilt sale. I didn't buy anything I really needed this time, just in case it all went wrong and the fabric didn't arrive or was horrible when it got here. But it came in no time at all and was fine. I bought 5 yards and 5 FQs and even with the postage it came to only just over £23 - in the UK the fabric alone would have cost me £58!! So I will certainly buy in that way again. Does that count as saving??
My half triangle patches for Step 3 are finished. I found these pretty easy to put together, although I did count out half and leave them over the other side of the room so as to be sure to make mirror images out of them and not stitch them all the same. The colours look a bit weird here. I've also now cut all the dog ears off from these and my 4patch blocks.

I was pleased with the fact that I managed to finish practically all my jobs for April. The black and white quilt progresses slowly - I have so many other interesting things on the go for hand sewing, and it does get a tad boring quilting the same pattern all the time. But I shall persevere. I am determined that it continue as a WIP and not become a UFO.


Musings said...

Yahoo! I'm so glad all went well with the dental appointment. I'm breathing a sigh of relief for you.

That's great that you got good deals on your quilting fabric, too.

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh, Wish Upon a Quilt is very close to where I live - only 20minutes away. I've never been there - but I followed the link from your blog. I just may have to go and see what they have on sale. I like what you got. That purple looks so pretty.
You asked about wool - I use 100% wool, but never wool felt. I wash the wool first to make it softer, I think some people call it felted wool. But as I understand it wool felt is not entirely wool and it feels stiff.
Does that help?
Well, I'm off to spend all afternoon trying not to think about sale fabric!

Suze said...

You got some great fabrics.

I thought fabric was high enough here. You really have it rough.

Tanya said...

Hi! Ah ha! We're both working on the Orange Crush I see. Actually I haven't officially joined that mystery because I don't have enough of some of the colors but I have done Step 3 so I can't deny that I'm participating. (It's just if I blog about it I feel like I'm committed!) Your's is looking good!

I love Rosie! (That's not to say that I don't think your husband and sons are fine looking too.) Her markings make her look like she's in a perpetual smile!

scraphappy said...

I'm so sorry about your tooth troubles. I went through and implant last year and it was a long and expensive endeavor. Now that it's all done I think it was worth it, but at the time I was wishing I had just gone for the bridge option and called it a day.
I wish I had your problem of not enough scraps. I never seem to have enough yardage to finish anything without a trip to the store, but if scraps are required I could sew for years without ever leaving the house! Of course the problem with using scraps is that they always seem to make more scraps and one project just keeps leading to another.....

Renee said...

I'm glad the dentist thing went well. AT least you're done, I've still to start. Anyway, the half triangles look great. The colors are wonderful. I've just been writing on my blog and caught what wrote about the Dear Jane. I've got one block done and I've got the CD, so when I haven't any other thing that I'm doing, I'll do that. Going to bed, just wanted to say HI. Renée

Julie said...

Nothing is worse than tooth pain. Glad you are doing better now!

Kathy Wagner said...

I can definately relate to the dental fear/anxiety. The wonderful dentist I found has a sign in the waiting room that says
"We Cater To Cowards" - that's me!!
Your step #3 blocks look great!
Bring on #4!

Mocha MonsterPants said...

Glad you are doing better. Your colors are wonderful, RIGHT up my alley! Next mystery quilt I will do as you are doing and pick fabrics I like. Thanks for the inspiration!