Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Keeping busy to quell the nerves! (28)

I've just been reading Taniwa's latest blog and it's got me thinking. I won't repeat everything she has said - you can follow the link and read it for yourself - but I'd love to know what you think.

I had a preliminary visit to the dentist yesterday - it's been far too long since my last visit due to feeling so poorly for so long, but I really couldn't put it off any longer as I KNEW I had some work to be done. And yes, I've got problems. So I'm visiting him again today to have a crown removed and the tooth underneath which is decaying badly. Oh, I hate visiting the dentist. I had some bad experiences when I was a child - the worst being a power cut in the middle of some treatment and the dentist finishing off with hand tools! I did pretty well when my children were young to hide my fear as much as possible so that they wouldn't have so much of a problem, but the old nerves have re-appeared now. Hence the rather frenetic nature of this blog, typing away to try and keep my mind off my nerves!
On Monday I gave in and visited my LQS. I just didn't have any light scraps for Step 3 of the OC, though I managed to forage enough for the dark scraps. As always - and I bet I'm not alone - I spent far more than I should have done. Mind you, that's easy enough when you see the cost of fabric and books here. I don't have any square rulers, so that should be useful. The two books on machine quilting have already come in handy, and I've been practising for my next quilt. I'm hopeless! The fabric is earmarked for some stitcheries combined with patchwork that I have in mind and the cat wallhanging kit just leapt out at me and refused to be left behind. And right at the last minute, just as I was about to pay, I remembered my reason for visiting and bought some light fabric for step 2!

Well, I can't write any more or you'll all just give up on me. So, off to do some ironing I think to pass away the next 45 minutes until I leave.


Katie said...

Poor you! I have a crown that needs to come off too, and I've been putting it off. I had a small filling done last week and the tooth hurts now. It was fine before. :-( I was just gearing up my courage to call the dentist when I read your post. So I'll feel sorry for both of us! Good luck.

Suze said...

Sorry about your dentist woes. Soon this will be a memory.

Good things you purchased. Looing forward to seeing your completed Step 3

Suze said...

Sorry about the dentist. They make me nervous too.....

I am thinking of trying to learn to machine quilt. I might just dive in this weekend.

Musings said...

I just wrote a rather long comment and my 16 month old granddaughter came along and grabbed my mouse and suddenly everything.....disappeared! Arrrggghhhh!

I had just written about how far the dental profession had come along since my old childhood dentist (We called him "The Butcher"). I just recently had two crowns and root canals and they were quite painless. Honest. The bill, however, was very painful.

And about quilting: When my husband retired a friend of mine took his old ties and made them into a quilt-wall hanging. It was incredible. I really admire quilters!!!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Thanks for sharing the link to Taniwa's page. I'm assuming you were referring to her "Blog Rules" entry, which I found quite interesting, and friendly. I also think it's absolutely amazing at how simple it is to keep up communication with anyone in the WORLD! Afterall, look at us!!! You're in Englahd, I'm in the States. Sadly, I also agree that it's unfortunate that we can't trust everyone "out there" and we can't always take someone's word at "face value."

On a lighter note---(well...sorta)---You are not alone in your fear (hatred) of the Dentist. I also have had too many "yucky" childhood experiences. I have an appt scheduled in June for a checkup, but I also know he is going to "push me gently" into the work that needs to be done in my mouth (those Wisdom teeth need to come out and one of my teeth needs a crown.) *sigh* We all know it's for the best, but...*shudder*...I wish there was ANY OTHER way!!!
I hope all went well for you today.

mreteveian said...

Hope the visit to the dentist went ok for you!

Candace said...

By now, your appointment is over, and I hope it went well. I have found my last few years dentist's appt's to have been a pleasant surprise as far as discomfort goes. I had a wisdom tooth pulled that I really dreaded as it was impacted, and it was just one little tug (I thought he was just starting) and it was over. It is still not my favorite thing, but I'm not so afraid as I used to be.
I hope you have the same experience.
Thank you for your remarks on my blog, that fabric looked better than I feared after the borders were on.

Renee said...

Oh gee Amanda, I know exactly how you feel about going to the dentist. I haven't been in so long, I'm really not looking forward to going either. I know that I will have to have a few teeth out and then the dentist will attempt to get me to get crowns or bridges and they are just way too expensive for me. So what do you do? Just trudge along and grin and bear it. Hang in there. Just think. Once you get it over with, you'll feel a whole lot better. Keep on piecing and if you need any kind of fabric e mail me and I will send you from my stash. Keep the piece. Renee