Friday, 18 April 2008

Blogging (21)

I've been wondering how other people go about reading blogs. I belong to just the one webring - Mystery Quilters - and that takes me the best part of an hour to get through, so how people belong to more than one ring  mystifies me. I tend to wake at about 5am, so that is a good time to go through the ring, reading the new posts and making comments on some. It's almost a relief when someone hasn't posted anything new! No, of course I don't mean that, as I have so enjoyed reading other people's blogs and learning a little about their lives - especially America, where so many things are still very different from the UK.

I've decided to be a party-pooper and not join in on the 'tagging' and 'round-robin' type of fun that seems to go on between bloggers. I don't really understand how they work, or what the point is, though I can see that many bloggers get a lot of fun out of them. Also I don't want to risk passing them on to other people who are reluctant to join in. Sorry folks, I don't want to spoil the fun, but there it is.

On Wednesday
 I felt really well in the morning, so got out in the garden to set up my mini-greenhouse and planted some seeds - tomato, radish, cut-and-come-again lettuce and some cottage garden flowers. Luckily, I decided it was still a bit chilly outside and bought most indoors, leaving just the radish seed tray outside. As you can see, the wind got up yesterday and blew the darn thing over! 

Ah well, that's life. I've also made a good start on OC Step 2 - I've made the pieced triangles, so just have to stitch them to the solid triangles. I had run out of light scraps so all the triangles are made from the same material, and there's not a lot of variation in the dark squares and triangles either. Then, while 
I was resting yesterday afternoon, I managed to get Number 2 finished on the Mr Men sampler. So, on target there. Drat! Having uploaded the image I've spotted a mistake - can you see where I've gone wrong with the lettering. Do you think I can get away with it, or do I need to unpick it and do it again?


Catherine said...

I started using Bloglines to keep track of blogs. That way I can see in an instant if a favourite has a new post and either read it on bloglines or, if I want to leave a comment, then click on to the blog. It saves tons of time!

Helen in the UK said...

I use Bloglines to keep track of the blogs I follow - this will highlight when new posts have been made.
Re the stitching - I can't see the mistake, so maybe you can get away with it :)

Amy said...

hmmm..."bloglines"....I might have to write about that on my Blog, because I don't have a clue as to what it is!!!
So Amanda, (or others), if you could explain these "bloglines" to me, that would be great!!!!

As for the took me a WHILE, but is it the word "tickle" that looks like "rickle?" I didn't enlarge the image, so it was hard to see.

Anyway---NOPE, haven't spent anytime quilting, cutting or sewing since Wednesday. AND, I've been a diligent little teacher tonight, grading TOO MANY papers! But, now I have the weekend reserved for ONLY QUILTING. Yeah!!!

Happy quilting this weekend :0)~
-Amy (NW WI)

scraphappy said...

You are ahead of me on the OC, but I'm hoping to have time to catch up this weekend. I started out by following along on the quilt maverick blogring long before I actually started my own blog. I found Bonnie at Quiltville one day and was awestruck. I do agree with you about the tagging and the memes, I'm more interested in the quilts!


Katie said...

I used to use Google Reader. It works fine but I like NetNewsWire better. :-)

Lucy said...

Hi Amanda -- thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm sorry it has taken me a while to visit you. I'd sure love to read about your camping trips someday. There is a family from the US who are touring Europe in their big Motorhome -- they had shipped over there. Now that's an adventure. Anyway I'd love to tour overseas but first I must finish the U.S. so until then it would be fun to follow a foreign traveler.

I cannot keep up with all the blog postings either - I probably should not have joined the ring - largely because I don't just talk about quilting. The reader services like google reader would help. But here is another resource to learn more things about blogging that you might find helpful. I stumbled onto it last year. After you open this link - just click on the box that says Blogging Basics 101. I think she talks about bloglines in there somewhere.

Have fun!

Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Amanda,
I have trouble keeping up with all the blogs too,
I would love to read and leave comments on all the blogs I visit, but time always gets away from me.
I have no idea how to set up bloglines!
I love Rosie's quilt, and looks like she does too..

Tracey in CT said...

Hi Amanda, thanks for commenting on my blog and stopping by to visit!
I read a ton of blogs, but it isn't that hard since not everyone posts everyday. I do use bloglines to keep up..that way I don't have to keep clicking around to see who has an updated post, bloglines just highlights the ones that have new unread posts. Another thing I like is that I can mark posts that I want to refer to again (like ones that have a tutorial I want to be able to find another day).