Sunday, 6 April 2008

A quiet Sunday afternoon (14)

After the excitement of this morning's snow, I'm having a pleasantly quiet Sunday afternoon. Number One Son came for lunch and is now working on the set-up on DH's new laptop - and there's a tale. DH has been ironing his shirts for next week, and is now having a 'short doze' and I've been doing some cross stitch. I'm making a Mr Men sampler for my nephew's 4th birthday in June - eleven weeks to go and there are ten pictures to work, so that should work out nicely.

Yes, DH's laptop. Well, he did have a rather nice Mac Book, just over a year old. He took it to France on business last week, put it on the floor next to the bed while he had a 'short doze' (something you will have realised he is very fond of!). When he woke up he jumped off the bed and promptly did a clog dance on his laptop, completely wrecking it. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall! On second thoughts, I think the language would have made even a fly blush. So, except for the battery and power cable, the remains lie interred in a French skip. Hence the need for a new laptop. 

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