Sunday, 31 May 2009

A final finish for May

This one just scraped in! One of my nieces asked if I could make her a tea cosy - in the shape of a sheep and pink. I posted this off yesterday - now I just have to hope that it fits both the design criteria and the teapot.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Sorry, no photographs and apologies

We've just got back from an exhausting weekend. On Friday we drove to Brighton to see Number Two Son - it took us about four-and-a-half hours. It was lovely to see him in his new house, and he did a barbecue lunch on his roof terrace. He'd invited some friends along too, and it was great to be able to put names to faces. All too soon we had to leave and drive up to Redhill, near where we used to live in Reigate, where we were staying with friends. Dinner was quite late, and I went to bed soon after that.

On Saturday Christopher went for a run with our host, and I went shopping for food for a picnic lunch. Amazingly, I also managed to buy some clothes - I must be the perfect Marks and Spencer size 10 at the moment as the first blouse I tried fitted and looked good, ditto the first pair of trousers I tried and ditto the first bra. So I bought the lot. I'm such an impatient shopper that if the first things don't fit or look good I usually give up.

Then we drove up to my father-in-law's house for lunch, and Number One Son met us there. After lunch we went to a nearby church, where the nursing home that had been my mother-in-law's last home were holding a memorial service for all their residents who had died over the previous two years. There we met with Christopher's sister and her husband, and his brother with his wife and one of his daughters. It was lovely to have a bit of a family get together.

Again, all too soon, it was time to leave, having seen far too little of Number One Son. That evening was thankfully a quiet one. Our hosts were going out for dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary, so Christopher cooked some supper for us - I was far to tired to do anything but collapse on the sofa, and afterwards I was in bed by about nine o'clock.

On Sunday Christopher went running and I managed to have a quiet few hours before meeting him at the club and catching up with old friends. Then we drove to visit an aunt who had sadly lost her daughter very suddenly a couple of weeks ago. And finally we came home, arriving at about seven o'clock last night. The weather had been glorious, but that meant that many of our plants were wilting, so I went round with the watering can whilst Christopher unloaded the car. Then it was time for supper and bed.

Oh, how lovely it was to sleep in my own bed again. I always sleep so badly in strange beds. It's now half-past-ten, and I'm still in bed reading all the blogs I've missed and writing this.

And now the apologies - firstly I haven't been commenting much lately, but I have been enjoying reading all you've had to say. Secondly, I haven't been replying to all your lovely comments either. It's so kind of people to comment on what I write and it is only good manners to reply, but I've been a bit down recently and just haven't. Thank you anyway and please don't stop, I so enjoy reading them.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

A quick finish (207)

This little wall hanging is for my niece's birthday. I spent a couple of evenings stitching it, and then added a simple border and quilted around the rabbit and added a couple of rows of decorative stitching in the border and, voila, there you have it. As you can see from the photograph it was beautifully sunny today, though it has washed out the colours a little bit. Hey ho, you can't have everything.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Hi! (206)

It's been quite a while since I last wrote. I don't know why, really. I've been enjoying reading what everyone else has been up to, but just haven't felt like writing myself. Life goes on in it's easy, relaxed and pleasant way, no real hassles or problems. I've started on some physiotherapy for my ankle now, which is pretty tiring. I'm having to do exercises for my poor ankle, plus exercises for my right knee which is incredibly weak due to having polio when I was a child, as well as exercises to improve my balance, which is appalling. We've been doing plenty of gardening and my vegetables are starting to look quite promising now. I've also been doing plenty of sewing; the curtains are all finished now, except for the dining room.

Here's a few of the other things I've been working on.
From May 2009 02/05/2009 21:16
From May 2009 02/05/2009 21:16

I went to a class at Midsomer Quilting and made this waistcoat; I love the colours, they're so rich. I've no idea what it will go with, but I'm sure it will look good with all sorts of things.

From May 2009 02/05/2009 21:16
From May 2009 02/05/2009 21:16
I've finished two of Jenny at Elefantz's patterns.

From May 2009 02/05/2009 21:16
And I've made a new handbag.

I'm beavering away at my Irish Chain quilt for the smaller of our guest rooms, but there are hundreds of tiny pieces, so it's pretty slow going.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Give-away (204)

Lyn, at Bluebird Quilts, is having a blogaversary, and a lovely giveaway. If you leave a comment, please be sure to tell her I sent you - it's worth an extra two entries!