Sunday, 3 June 2012

Not much to show

I've been incredibly busy over the last month, but have very few finishes to show. I've been doing a heck of a lot in the vegetable garden, weeding, digging, planting and sowing. And I've had a lot of work to do for my City and Guilds course. So I haven't had much time to do much else, though I'm aching to get to my sewing machine again and just sew.

I have a couple of very small finishes though.

Our neighbours recently had a new baby, so I made some bibs, really quick and easy but fun.

I have a large pencil case, but spend ages rummaging about in it for ordinary pencils, so made this small pencil case. I recently bought Zakka Style for my iPad and this pattern comes from the book. I've used linen and cotton and I really love the look. I look forward to making some more things when I have some more time.