Sunday, 29 July 2012

Have you forgotten me?

Well, I never intended to stay away this long, but somehow I just haven't been able to get myself motivated to write anything. I've enjoyed reading all your blogs, though problems with our internet over the last few weeks have meant that I haven't been able to comment as much as I would have liked. 

The Olympics are under way now - I thought the Opening Ceremony was terrific, though I wasn't too sure about Paul McCartney closing the proceedings. We seem to have had summer, last week was wonderful, warm and sunny and dry, but today the rain has returned. 

There's been lots happening of course, but too much to write about. So I'll just have to make do with showing you some pictures of things I've been making.

This bag is the Boho Bagette from Studio Kat Designs

This is the PortaPockets Plus, also from Studio Kat Designs. It's a set of three handbag organisers that zip together. I'm never likely to use all three at any one time as I don't have that much clutter in my bag, but they are very useful in ones or twos.
This is also in the Porta Pockets Plus pattern, a really handy device for keeping loyalty cards to hand.

I made a wallet from the same fabrics.

This wallet pattern comes from Zakka Style. It was a bit fiddly to put the bias binding on but I'm pleased with how it's turned out. This is for my sister in law for her birthday.

My second assessment piece for the City and Guilds course I'm doing has to be a box with appliqué. I designed and made the box, printed the fabric and used shadow appliqué to decorate it.

I've made two things to go in the box so far, both using patterns from Zakka Style. The pencil case has needle turn appliqué and the sewing pouch has reverse appliqué, both decorated with beads.

Number One Son starts his first teaching job in September so I've made him a hanging to go on his classroom door and a couple of pencil/pen cases. The cases are also from Zakka Style.

I don't know whether our internet is going to allow me to post this so fingers crossed.