Sunday, 22 December 2013


Since I retired I've pretty much worn trousers all of the time, unless I was 'dressed up'. And my wardrobe has gradually reflected that. Then during this past summer I wondered why. I started wearing skirts and dresses much more and really enjoying it. So I've made myself three new skirts for the winter. I've used the same pattern, since the first one I made fitted pretty well and I also feel good that I've got my money's worth. Aren't paper patterns expensive now?

Black fine needlecord

Burgundy jumbo cord

Tartan wool. I'm tempted to buy some more of this to make a dressing gown, it's so warm and costy.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas jumper

Number Two Son has requested that we all wear Christmas jumpers on Christmas day this year, so why not oblige him?

I wasn't going to pay out good money for a jumper that will only get worn once or twice though, so decided to use an old jumper and vamp it up.

I'll have to do something about that wonky bow though! It's a ribbon that came with the buttons I've used, and looks like a piece of tape measure.

The sewing machine, needle, scissors and cotton reel button all came in the same set.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

An early Christmas gift

Last week Christopher bought me Yoko Saito's book 'Houses, Houses, Houses'. It's a gorgeous, inspiring book and it seemed only fair that the first thing I made using it should be a gift for C. Since his heart attack he has to take loads of different medications, which means rather a lot to carry when we go away, so I made him this little pouch to put them in. I gave it to him now as we're going away before Christmas, so he can use it.

The patterns are a little daunting, primarily because the writing is so small I think, and there's something about the language that says 'translation', but this went together reasonably well until I got to the instructions for the zip. I just couldn't make it work, so ended up putting press fasteners in instead. Since all of C's tablets are in foils it doesn't matter too much that there isn't a zip; but I'd have liked to work it out all the same.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Quiz answers

Here are the film titles for the quilts I showed you a few days ago.

The Long Road to Freedom - made by Claire Passmore

Four Weddings and a Funeral - made by Cathy Dewar

Snow Goose - made by Ria Davies

The Birds - made by Judy Hayward

Silence of the Lambs - Barbara Stone

Beaches - made by Katherine Chambers

Le Rouge et le Noir - made by Irene Burgoyne

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - made by Jenny Lester

Skyfall - made by Sue Harris

White Christmas - made by Sandy Peat

Four Feathers - made by Andrea Ashwell

The Black Swan - made by De Pickford

The Sound of Music - made by Brenda Rowe

Moulin Rouge - made by Ella Scott aged 14

Aces High - made by Gillian Spriggs

Brief Encounter - made by Lynne Clement

Walk the Line - made by Joyce Dorsett

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - made by Linda Punchard

And this was one of mine - Shall We Dance?

How did you do? Some of them were a bit tricky weren't they?

Friday, 13 December 2013

Snowman Spectacular

Last Saturday evening we went to a charity ball, called The Snowman Spectacular. It was in aid of a children's hospice in Brighton, Chestnut Tree House. The company that Number Two Son works for, E3, was organising it and Alexander had played a large part in the organisation; during the evening he was on duty and delivering the special effects, so we didn't see a great deal of him. 

We had a wonderful evening as did the charity, since over £250,000 was raised during the event. There was entertainment from  students from the local theatre school; a gospel choir who had reached the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent, Gospel Incognito; a function band called Back in the Day; and a well known British DJ, Pat Sharp. It was a real family affair for us as Number One Son does all the technical wizardry for Back in the Day, so we saw him very briefly too. And two of the members of the band are very old friends of our sons, so it was good to see them in action too.
Alexander and John at the beginning of the evening.

Christopher and I all spivved up. A bit of a weird picture of me, but Christopher looks very dashing.

The tables and chairs were all dressed in white.

The food was excellent.

Number One Son looking in the right direction; Christopher seems to be more interested in the menu!

Gospel Incognito

During the singing of Walking in the Air we had real snow. Very exciting!

A flying snowman.
A view from the balcony as we were leaving at about 12.45. The dance floor was still heaving whilst Back in the Day were playing. Don't the tables look pretty?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

12 x 12

The annual 12" x 12" challenge at Midsomer Quilting has just finished. It's always a brilliant exhibition and this year surpassed itself with over 200 quilts. There were exhibits from professional quilters, experienced amateurs, beginners, children, men and women and they were all wonderful. I didn't photograph them all, just a few that took my fancy.

So, are you ready for a quiz - no prizes, just for fun? The theme this year was film, so can you guess the film titles for these quilts? I'll give you the answers in the next day or so.