Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas jumper

Number Two Son has requested that we all wear Christmas jumpers on Christmas day this year, so why not oblige him?

I wasn't going to pay out good money for a jumper that will only get worn once or twice though, so decided to use an old jumper and vamp it up.

I'll have to do something about that wonky bow though! It's a ribbon that came with the buttons I've used, and looks like a piece of tape measure.

The sewing machine, needle, scissors and cotton reel button all came in the same set.


Lynn said...

Good for son #2! That sounds fun. And how clever of you to redo something you already own. Not to mention how adorable it is!!

Diane-crewe said...

what a fun request xx hope everyone plays along xx.. looks a bit as if the duch has been at the bottles early xx

Kay said...

I sure do like the way you vamp things up, Amanda. This is adorable!

soscrappy said...

How cute. What a festive day it will be.