Monday, 2 December 2013

The back half of our walk

As we come out into the field after leaving the woods we can se the village nestled in the valley.

On cold and windy days the wind whips across the Mendips and I'm glad of my hat and gloved.

A very handsome beech tree stands alone in the field.

Across the field we can see the church in the distance, its spire a landmark for miles around as it is built on the highest point hereabouts.

Into the churchyard ...

… and out the other side, through this magnificent centre-hinged gate. I've never seen another like it, but doubtless there are some in other ancient churchyards.

Through the village,

past the village hall,

past the village shop and then we cross the main road again.

Ruby is always pleased to see the postman. He's probably on his way up the lane towards our house now, so we'll probably see him again, and Ruby will have to respond to my call of 'car, Ruby' and dive into the hedge.

We always stop at the ford

and Ruby has a drink. She's not a great fan of water though, and never goes in past her knees. If she's really muddy  we try and get her in deeper to clean off a bit, but she's very reluctant.

And then we set off up the long hill. When we first moved here I had to stop several times to catch my breath, but now I'm much fitter thanks to walks with Ruby.

Round the bend and still the hill stretches out ahead of us.
Past the houses and still the hill goes on.

Eventually we come to the little triangle; left goes to the field, right for home. The council have graciously planted a salt box for us there, which they keep filled, but we have to spread the salt ourselves. I'll have to keep an eye on this year, to make sure it stays filled and then Christopher I know will be out there spreading salt to try and save me from slipping again.

Past Lord Waldegrave's gate, kept firmly barred against the hoi polloi!

And at last, we've reached the top of the hill and it's down just a little way and we're home.


Candace said...

I enjoyed both parts of your walk, to me it is quaint and very exotic in a BBC way, as I enjoy watching a lot of British shows (thank goodness for Netflix), but I know to you it is home. How fortunate you are to live in such a lovely place.

Lynn said...

Thank you for taking us along on your and Ruby's walk! No wonder you are more physically fit than when you first moved there! Have you ever measured the distance you walk on a pedometer? It's really beautiful scenery, I bet you never tire of it.

suz said...

thank you for sharing your walk - what a lovely place you live in! One of the reasons I love reading blogs from places far away is the opportunity to "visit".

Chookyblue...... said...

what a lovely walk and so different to where I live.............

Kay said...

I so enjoyed your walk, Amanda. I had to look up mendip. That beech tree looks like something from the Hobbit. I'll say it again. You do live in a beautiful area.

Tanya said...

I enjoyed taking a walk with you and Ruby. You live in a beautiful area!