Sunday, 22 December 2013


Since I retired I've pretty much worn trousers all of the time, unless I was 'dressed up'. And my wardrobe has gradually reflected that. Then during this past summer I wondered why. I started wearing skirts and dresses much more and really enjoying it. So I've made myself three new skirts for the winter. I've used the same pattern, since the first one I made fitted pretty well and I also feel good that I've got my money's worth. Aren't paper patterns expensive now?

Black fine needlecord

Burgundy jumbo cord

Tartan wool. I'm tempted to buy some more of this to make a dressing gown, it's so warm and costy.


Kay said...

I've noticed that about paper patterns too. These are really beautiful, Amanda. Gosh, I haven't worn a skirt in forever. I'll bet it would be cooler for me. Hmmm...

Our Guilds said...

Nicely done. I quit sewing clothing when I started quilting about 25 years ago.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.