Saturday, 11 January 2014

Missing in Action

I'm desperate to get back to my sewing room, it's weeks since I've been in there.

We went away for Christmas, which we spent with Number Two Son and his partner in their new home. We had a lovely time and they were so excited to be able to decorate for Christmas and to entertain us. Number Two Son is a very good cook and we ate extremely well the whole time we were there. Christmas lunch was a triumph.

Number Two Son loves games and competitions and one of his ideas was to have a Christmas cake decorating competition. I made a gluten free cake, put on marzipan and white icing, then four of us took a quarter each to decorate. Good fun.
Christopher's is the over the top quarter with the candelabra and mine is the quarter with the snowmen.

We weren't able to see Number One Son on Christmas Day as he had been working on the pantomime, two performances a day since the 13th and this was his only day off, and he mostly slept. We did go to see the panto on Boxing Day - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at the Redhill Harlequin theatre - and caught up with him for a drink after the show. Oh yes we did!

We stayed with Number Two Son until the 28th, when we went over to the Isle of Wight to spend the New Year with friends. Six of us stayed in a rented house close to a house owned by another couple. There was lots of walking - which Ruby enjoyed a lot; lots of rain - which none of us enjoyed very much; good food - we went to a couple of lovely restaurants; and lots of good fun.

We were staying in Bembridge, and if you ever visit the area the two restaurants that we went to are well worth visiting. Lockslane Contemporary Bistro and Fox's Restaurant are both in the centre of the town and served wonderful food. We also went to the Propellor Inn, which is on Bembridge Airfield.

Three of our friends were determined to go in the sea to celebrate the New Year (completely bonkers!). It was way too stormy on New Year's Day, but they were able to get in on the 2nd.

We came home on the 4th January. On the 5th I did the laundry and shopping.

On the 6th I went down with a chest infection and have been in bed ever since. The antibiotics are finally kicking in and I'm starting to feel a bit more human; perhaps I'll be able to stay up for a while today. And hopefully I'll feel well enough to do some sewing in a few day's time.


Diane-crewe said...

what a sad way to finish off what was obviously a wonderful holiday x keep warm.. lots of fluids.. take the antibiotics .. you know the drill x

scraphappy said...

What a busy Christmas! So glad you were able to spend time with both of your sons. Hope you will feel up to sewing again soon. Lots of flu is going around here and it has been no fun at all.

Amy said...

Amanda, from your words, it sounds like you have been enjoying life for the past month (except for that whole antibiotic stretch recently!)
Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us again; it's always enjoyable to catch up with you.
Number One son definitely sounds to be exhausted; hopefully now that the Christmas season is over, he's also finding time to catch his breath!

Karen said...

What a good idea to have a cake decorating contest but just portions of the cake. That way you aren't overload with a whole cake for each person.

Kay said...

I so sorry that you caught that terrible infection, Amanda. Your #2 son is amazing! I would love to go visit him too. He sounds like a lot of fun and he's so creative and artistic too. I love that cake decorating idea!

Lynn said...

What a lovely holiday you had. I'm impressed with the cake. What a fun idea. Ohh that water looks cold. I don't think I would have braved that swimming either.