Friday, 25 April 2008

Bluebells (26)

Well, what a lovely day. First thing this morning I had a visit from an old school colleague. We worked together for many years and she retired about six months before I did. It was good to catch up - and to discuss Star Trek! We have both been fans for ever, and still watch repeats whenever we can. After that DH and I went for a walk in a local woods to see the bluebells. Our timing was perfect, as the bluebells are absolutely at their best, carpets of them. And the smell! It was just lovely. To add to the joy we parked near a field full of new lambs - tricky to photograph since they kept hiding behind mum. 
On the way home we stopped at a Garden Centre for coffee and bought several different varieties of tomato plants, a yellow pepper plant, some rocket seedlings and a planter full of strawberry plants. Terrific! I'm not much of a gardener, but I do enjoy growing food, so I look forward to my harvest. I'm particularly looking forward to the baby tomatoes that are to be grown in a hanging basket - just need to keep up with the watering.

This afternoon I finished block 3 for the BOM I'm doing. I have tried different ways of applique with each one, and am still not that happy with it - nor with the colours of the fabrics they are sending. And - if you are also doing the Moda Piece and Plenty BOM, yes, I know that the bird is on the wrong side! Somehow I managed to cut it out the wrong way round and had no more fabric to cut it the correct way. So, it'll have to stand and at least it will be unique.

And to top off a splendid day, DH has offered to cook supper. Great!


Anonymous said...

Love the bluebells, that is something I miss so much, walking in the forest,either spring, autumn or even in summer. Things are different here in Australia and I guess there will always be things I miss from Germany.


Candace said...

What beautiful, peaceful, countryside. It makes me want to take a walk there.
How was your supper. My husband seldom does any cooking, I think there is method to his madness as he claims not to be able to, but he did before we were married and a time or two since.

Musings said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Amanda. I'm so happy to meet you. The bluebells sound beautiful. I wish I could be there. I do love it when husbands cook.

Suze said...

Such a lovely day you had.....

When I retire I hope to get back to gardening. There just aren't enoough hours in the day right now.

Your bird just doesn't follow the crowd. That seems like a design choice to me.

Ribbonwiz said...

The bluebells are so pretty,
My Dh only cooks when we have a BBQ.
I wish he would cook more often as I would rather be sewing!