Saturday, 12 April 2008

Mr Men (18)

I didn't do much of anything except resting yesterday. I did manage to sew a few 'cut-off-corner' blocks for the quilt I am making to use up some of my left-over 4patch blocks. They are really scrappy except for a cream stripe which will run through it in a zig-zag pattern. Before cutting off the corners I 'did a Bonnie' and did a second row of stitching, and have ended up with a whole bunch of the tiniest little half square triangles - they are about 1" square and will probably end up in a wall hanging. Somebody's blog, or email, (sorry, can't remember who so can't say thanks) pointed me to Pat Speth's website where she has some free patterns for waste triangles, so I will have a go at one of those.
Today I've been working on my Mr Men sampler, trying to finish Number 1 to keep up with the programme. Here it is so far. One number a week should enable me to finish it in time for my nephew's 4th birthday. I had a lazy afternoon watching  - or more like listening to - television and really worked hard.


Eileen said...

I've made lots of minis out of those little cutoff HST.

Thanks for visiting my blog and isn't retirement great? My DH was a teacher and certainly enjoyed being retired.

Amy said...

Amanda----I'll let you be envious of my "non-furnished" quilting space if I can be envious of your retirement.

I am also a teacher (7-12 Math / Computers); most of my time is spent with Junior High students.
Thanks for leaving the comment on my page

and I must say---I LOVE the Birthday Quilt from your previous post! What great colors!!!
Happy quilting---
Amy (