Tuesday, 8 April 2008

All stitched out (16)

I've done nothing but stitch all day. I've been working like stink on my husband's birthday quilt - just a few days to go and I feel reasonably confident that I'll get there now. I'll post a picture once it's completely finished. 
I've also made the new 4patch blocks for my Strawberry Crush, and I'm so much happier with them. They're still pretty scrappy, but the colours will work so much better with the main fabric colours I have chosen. So, I'm ready for Clue 2, but glad it won't turn up until next week, as I need the time to finish off the birthday quilt. Sadly, the colours don't show up too well in the photograph. 
Now, I'm off for a walk to stretch out the kinks before I start getting supper organised.


Ruthie said...

Those are very pretty, but I liked your first ones also.

Roslyn Atwood said...

Will you post the b'dy quilt pics?

Elisabeth Augusta said...

I like it!