Monday, 14 April 2008

Happy Un-Birthday (19)

Although DH's birthday isn't until next week, we celebrated yesterday as both our sons were able to join us for lunch. We had a lovely day. I cooked a Mediterranean style lunch - antipasto, a beautiful Moroccan chicken dish and a Greek rice pudding. Jolly tasty. The chicken and rice pudding recipes were from Rick Stein's latest book. I hadn't made either of them before, but will certainly make them again. DH opened his presents too. He was absolutely bowled over by his quilt. He had had no idea at all that I was making it and was even a bit speechless, which is a rarity! After lunch we went to visit his parents. His mother is disabled now, after several operations for cancer on her knee, and always loves to receive visits from her grandsons. Number 2 son was able to stay for the night and we take him back to Brighton this morning in time for work.

The weather yesterday was atrocious - heavy rain and hail storms and it got so dark. Really tough conditions for those people running in the London Marathon. No 2 Son decided that he just HAD to go out in to the garden in the hail, so of course No 1 Son decided that he just HAD to lock him out!


Phyl said...

Love the pics! The quilt is awesome...and I am so glad you were able to surprise him:).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments. Yours was the first on my new blog - and all the way from England - very exciting! I was warned before we began the college search process not to base it on the proximity of quilt shops. Oh well at least it's a good school. I'm sure this way I'll save money.

Suze said...

That is a fabulous quilt. I printed a copy to add to my "want to do" collection.

Renee said...

Since it must be Tuesday where you are, wish Christopher a very happy, healthy birthday. So glad he liked the quilt. It's my time to go looking through everyone's blogs. I'm leaving little messages as I go. Going to the LQS tomorrow (Tuesday) and hopefully I will get a brand new Bernina sewing machine. Renée is doing the happy dance. Keep the piece. Renée

Amy said...

brotherly love! locking out of the house----yup! That sounds like something my brother would do too.

I didn't realize the London marathon was yesterday! Then again, I don't follow too many over-seas running events---I can only dream to run a marathon in London. I'll stick around home--there's one I've done for the past two years just an hour-n-half away. Nice course! Very flat!

I'm looking forward to the first thunder boomers of the season! THere's just something undauntuing about storms!

Keep bloggin' away and we'll keep reading :0)