Monday, 19 May 2008

Can't think of a title right now, but don't want to leave it without one altogether - perhaps I'll have some inspiration later! (41)

I didn't get much quilty sewing done yesterday, but I did get round to making some curtains for the kitchen - we had the kitchen re-fitted about ten years ago, and I finally get round to it when we're about to put the house on the market! - and started on make a black cotton petticoat. Again, something I've wanted for years. Man-made fibres are just too hot to wear under thin summer skirts and dresses. 

Lunch was a disaster yesterday. The evening before, DH had been cooking supper and had done baked potatoes. We cook them on a skewer to speed up the cooking time. Well, he picked up the skewer to take it out of the oven and poked it through the fan at the back! It made a tremendous noise, but he thought it was okay. So I switched the oven on yesterday - no fan noise, so I reckoned he had wrecked the fan. Never mind, it seemed to be heating up and how else do you cook a roast chicken. An hour later, the chicken was barely warm. So we had to cut it into joints - not something we've ever done, if you want chicken pieces you buy chicken pieces - and fried it. Then we found that the butternut squash had overcooked whilst we were faffing about with the chicken, but the potatoes weren't quite cooked enough. Still, the broccoli was about right! So now we have to decide whether to buy a new cooker - not really worth it since we are hoping to move house in the next few weeks - or manage without. AAgghh!!

It's a quarter past seven in the morning here, and I've just finished skimming through the new blogs on Google Reader and feeling guilty about not making many comments. But I need to get going as we have the cleaner coming in today. She wasn't able to make it two weeks ago, so the house has got rather untidy and needs to be tidied up so she can clean. (Does Amy's lovely phrase 'pick up the house' mean the same thing I wonder?) So far, it looks as if it is going to be a lovely day, so I shall have to get out in the garden to sort out some of my plantlings. It's been cold and wet the last few days, so I've done very little outside. So, time to stop playing and get going.


Tanya said...

Don't cook! Sew instead! It's a good excuse and your husband can't get miffed since he stabbed the fan!

Candace said...

Sounds like lunch took awhile. Sometimes things don't go so well, a couple of weeks ago when I was cooking I set the timer on the microwave, only I forgot to push timer, and next thing I knew there was a roaring fire. I had a bag of fritos in there in a metal bag.
Luckily, we put it out and it still works, but it's a different color now. After you sell your house, are you planning to move to smaller, or larger, or a different town, or what. Inquiring minds want to know. (That's a commercial in the states, don't know if they have it over there.)

Musings said...

Oh my gosh! You're moving, too? How is the housing market in England? It's horrible over here. My daughter is trying to sell now and it's horrible.

Lynn said...

Some time in the garden - that sounds so nice - that you've inspired me to neglect my other things for a while and do just that. I've been meaning to plant some hostas and have a new hydrangea to go in.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I'm catching up on your blog since I've been absent all weekend...
and please don't be offended, but your "cooking" experience brought on the giggles for me! I mean....COME ON, right!?!?!? How completely unfortunate, and it brings me right back to good ol' Murphy: When things can go wrong, they will! What a fiasco!

To "pick up the house" in my world means to "tidy up" as you so UK-ish stated :0) If I could literally pick up the house, that would be quite a feat, no??? :0)

Your post title brought yet another chuckle! Ahhhh......the laughter that I SOOO needed tonight!
It sounds like you've had a full weekend yourself with hospital vists, movies, sewing and such. AND, I'm glad to hear the Black-white is making progress after the icky tension difficulties last week!

Phyl said...

I wanna see those

Sew, I guess you have a valid excuse to NOT cook...ugh~ Appliances...necessary pains-in-the-rump!