Sunday, 11 May 2008

Answers to puzzles (35)

I wonder how many of you pondered over the puzzles I put in my blog yesterday? I know that Amy did, so she goes to the top of the class. Here's the explanations:

Frog puzzle

If he climbs three bricks, but slips back two bricks each day, then his net gain is one brick per day. So the apparent answer is 20 days. BUT - on day 17 he won't slip back because he has reached the top, so the answer is 17 DAYS.

Wine puzzle

The first thought would be wine = £9, bottle = £1, but that won't work because then the wine would only be worth £8 more than the bottle. So, the bottle must be worth less than £1. Therefore, if the bottle is worth 50p the wine must be worth £9 more, which is £9.50, and the total then is £10. Get it? Or you can use algebra, as Amy The Algebra Teacher did!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Whew! Glad to see I was correct, but be careful. I think you accidently typed 8.50 instead of 9.50 ??

Thanks again for sharing them. That was fun (but then again I have a warped sense of "fun" things to do) :0)

Lynn said...

I think I did similar puzzles with my children - I spefically remember the frog one, and that I got it wrong and they got it right. I math challanged - I go to the quilt shop and make them help me with the figuring, it really can be embarassing at times. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the parade and your trip to Brighton. I love seeing other places!