Saturday, 24 May 2008

Our garden (46)

I'm writing this while watching the Eurovision Song Contest. I don't know what it is about that programme, it seems to hold a horrible fascination for me! Most of the songs are pretty awful and because of the blatantly political voting these days we can be pretty sure that the UK won't win - no-one in Europe seems to like us any more (All together now - aaahhh!!!). Our song was good though, and Terry Wogan is, as always, very amusing. He's probably the reason we watch it.

little sewing got done today. The weather was glorious and we spent most of the day outside. I did pay a visit to Hobbycraft to pick up some wadding and some backing for the quillow I'm making, but apart from a bit of hand quilting this evening while watching the first half of the Eurovision Song Contest, I've been outside planting the bedding plants we bought yesterday. DH has worked so hard in the garden over this two weeks and it is looking lovely now. Here are a few photographs. In common with most people in the UK our garden is not very large. The first two pictures are taken from the end of the garden looking towards the house. The third is of our little pond (can you see it behind all the green stuff?), and the fourth is taken from the back door looking down the side of the house towards the garden.


Amelia said...

Oh, it looks and inviting. Lots of work involved but worth in the long run.

Have a fun safe weekend!

Amelia in oklahoma

Tanya said...

Your garden looks lovely and clean, green. I wish I could say the same about ours! A pond? How nice! I have the frogs and I guess with all the flooded rice fields I don't need a pond but it would make it seem as if the frogs were pet frogs!

Musings said...

Oh my! You have a lovely yard and garden!

Julie said...

Well, I just love gardens and yours looks fantastic! Your husband has outdone himself. I wish my husband would work on mine - the weeds are getting out of hand.

Mary said...

What a lovely space to relax in! I'm not sure I'd ever get any quilting done!

Phyl said...

You must love going outside:). It is so beautiful!