Sunday, 11 May 2008

The Territorial Army (34)

They had a small parade in Reigate (the town where I live) yesterday. It was to mark the centenary of the TA and to honour all TA personnel who have recently served overseas - including a couple of local men who have died. I'm sure other countries have something similar, but I'm not sure what they're called. The band was made up of cadets aged between 12 and 18.

The Territorial Army is made up of volunteers who do their training in their spare time from their jobs. Although they were set up as a reserve army many of them do end up in active service, currently in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are given leave by their employers to do army service for about three months at a time. I was pleased that so many people turned out to honour them. 

The older men with the flags are representatives of the British Legion, an organisation set up after the first World War to offer fund raising and support to all armed personnel and their families. They organise the Armistice celebrations each year and raise thousands of pounds to help support injured soldiers.

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Eileen said...

We in the states have parades like this on Memorial Day, the 30th of May.

I'm just not into puzzles like that.