Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Curtains and Charity shop finds (42)

Monday is always a good day to visit charity shops. I never managed to find anything I liked, but maybe my tastes have changed, or perhaps I just have longer to browse and think now. Anyway I found a couple of things last week and a couple more things this week that I really like. The sun and palm tree stand is perfect for my quilting rulers; the cat is a leather money box; the basket is perfect for holding the CDs that we keep in the kitchen; the jug is handmade in Portugal - can't you just see it with a bunch of flowers in it - and the butter dish is, well, it's a butter dish. DH has always bought things in charity shops - most of his clothes plus several nick-nacks, many of which have not been to my taste (or to put it another way, have been ghastly) so now it's my turn. I can rarely find clothes that fit (I'm just 5' tall) or that I like, but I could become a serial nick-nack buyer. I wonder where our nearest car boot sale is?

Yesterday was a domestic sewing day - mending, replacing the elastic in a skirt, etc - but I did manage to finish and hang the new curtains for the kitchen. They are purely decorative, but I'm chuffed with them. It only took me about 8 years to do!! Well, I'm fed up waiting for the photograph to load, so I'm posting anyway, and I'll try again to get a decent shot of the curtains before they start to fade!

By the way, has anyone come across a website that is actually helpful for using Blogger? I don't find their own help pages all that helpful.


Candace said...

You got some great finds. I love them all. I guess it makes a difference when you can take a little time.
I get a kick out of my grandsons. They love to get clothes at the thrift shops. My daughter says they like the "old man" clothes, they think it's cool, even the polyesters.

Amelia said...

Hey, you got some neat things when shopping at the charity stores. I really like the cat.

Question - "car boot sale"...is that what we in the States call a garage sale?

As for your curtains...some things just take time - ha.

Enjoy your week.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Katie said...

There is sometimes good information here: http://blogger-tricks.blogspot.com/

Deda said...

Oh! I cannot believe! You have a traditional Portuguese jar! We use it to put fresh wine on the table. My grandmother used to have one like that. Congratulations for your purchase.

scraphappy said...

Have you discovered using thrift shop shirts for fabric yet? I've been hitting the goodwill for mens shirts which make lovely soft quilts. I resist the urge to buy anything that has to be dusted, but fabric is consumable, so it brings no guilt!

Phyl said...

Is a car-boot sale the same as our yard or garage sales? Where people sell their goodies in the yard or garage?

I, too, love thrift stores! You made great purchases:).

I sometimes luck into finding clothing at the thrift stores, but lately have been buying sheets and such to make into sundresses.


creativedawn said...

Hi Amanda.... neither have I, that is haven't found blogger help all that helpful...lol...maybe there is a "Blogger for Dummies" book out there somewhere! Yes, those guys never seem to enjoy the dressed up look as we do! Thanks for visiting!

Rhonda said...

Great finds!

Try this blog... http://www.splitdecisionz.com/
I've learned a few things from her. Hope it helps.

Musings said...

Oh yes! I can definitely see some beautiful flowers in that lovely Portuguese jug.

I'm sorry. I did see a blog that had some good ideas but I can't remember where I saw it. I'll try to find it again.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

and I was JUST thinking..."WHERE'S the photo of the curtains???!" Glad to hear you won't be keeping us in suspense too long. But I understand the "loading frustration!"

That jug is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm not much of a knick-knacy person (yet). We'd rather cut a slice of wood and hang in on the wall. (Seriously...I'll have to take a shot of the 'woodslice' we have on our wall.) It's either that, or we have painted saws, fishing poles, or many-a "stuffed" fish or some other animal on the walls.
Ahhh...silly me---there I go rambling.

You MUST share the definition of "chuffed" with me please. I can only guess by the context clues what that possibliy could be. I would be EVER so entertained to hear you actually speak. The British accent is so fun to hear for me. (yeah, silly thoughts, right??) Here's another......when I read your posts, I even attempt to put the Brit-accent into some of your words. yeah, yeah, I know....."weird American!" :0)

FInally--nope. I've never sought out assistance with Blogger, so I'm no help to you dear.

Cath Ü said...

Amanda you are a woman after my own heart... I am alwyas calling into our charity shops..opp shops as we all them and finding goodies....they actually smile when they see us walk in as we buy so much.. usually costs us over $100 whenever we call in... we also buy furniture to use or do up and sell...
Cath Ü