Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Signature (43)

Well, this seems to work. Rather a showy colour I fear, but one of my favourites. Thank you Tanya for the help on doing this.


creativedawn said...

Thanks Amanda.... just took a minute to scan the topics and I know that both sites are just loaded with info that would be helpful.....great finds....take care

Tanya said...

They really are fun aren't they! And even though it isn't our actual writing I think the way we choose the "font" and the size, slant and color reflects on how we are or at least how we'd like to be/write. Very nice!

Candace said...

Your signature looks great, Amanda. Guess I need to learn that, too.

mreteveian said...

I like your signature. And Tanya's was so simple, I went and wrote a blogpost about you two :-)

When I'm at it, - congratulations on finishing up the large quilt!

Renee said...

Well, I've been trying to do this most of this afternoon and either I'm a dunderhead or for whatever reason, blogger just won't let me do it. It looks great, Amanda and hopefully I'll get mine done soon too. Renée