Saturday, 24 May 2008

Frogs and fabric (45)

It's been a lovely, quiet, ordinary couple of days. DH has done so much in the garden that it's looking very tidy now. He goes back to work next week and was keen to get it done during his two week break. We went to a local garden centre yesterday and bought some plants and a couple more tubs. I managed to find some slug repellant rather than slug killer - slugs and snails just love our damp climate and munch their way through everything soft and tasty in the garden, but I hate to kill them. Once it's all done I'll take some photographs before the weeds start growing again. We've got estate agents coming to value the house next week, and the garden should be looking just right, so I've just get to get on top of the house.

One of the jobs was to clean out our very small pond. We didn't have any tadpoles this year, which I suspect was because it was very clogged up with old weeds and fallen leaves. After clearing it out we topped it up with a shower of fresh water from the hose hung high up in the tree. The three resident frogs - two adult and one youngster - really seemed to appreciate it.

I've been working on a quillow for DH's niece, whose birthday comes up soon so it's a quick finish. I'm also still going on the Mr Men sampler - up to number 9 now. But nothing much to show, so I thought I'd share a photograph of my fabric store. But Blogger's playing up again, so I can't! Better luck next time. 

The weather is lovely here, but set to change. Typical for a Bank Holiday! I believe it's a Bank Holiday weekend in America too, so best wishes to everyone for a lovely long weekend.


Candace said...

Sounds like you and your husband have been getting a lot done. I always wonder when someone spiffs up there house to sell, if they are tempted to change their minds because everything is so nice. Looking forward to seeing a picture of your fabric shop, hopefully blogger will cooperate.

Phyl said...

I love tadpoles:).

Where are you planning on moving to?

I LOVE the black, red, and white quilt. GORGEOUS~

Musings said...

I wonder how your housing market is in the UK. It's so difficult here in the U.S. I wonder if a different president will help us. They do say landscaping helps to sell your house and you've got a lot done. Wonderful Christopher!