Wednesday, 27 November 2013

New orthotics

I have to wear orthotics in my shoes and slippers. I had polio when I was five and although I was extremely lucky and got off lightly, my feet are a bit pathetic and floppy, so to prevent damage to my knees and hips, and to give me some stability for standing and walking, I wear some pretty serious orthotics. I used to joke that I couldn't even balance on both legs, let alone one! I can just about manage it with these in my shoes.

I finally found a podiatrist who makes this sort of orthotics. One of my old ones broke in half about a year ago and it's taken me this long to get organised. I wonder how long these will look so new and clean!


Tanya said...

Ah... I have ONE of those. Just one foot but it does help. I've always bought expensive shoes too thinking that that is helping but maybe with just the orthotic I don't need the expensive shoes... what do you think?

Celia Gibson said...

Hi Amanda,
Yes, orthotics is the lesser evil; I too have polio but have my shoes modified which is rather limiting... but I don't complain because life is still good !

Kay said...

I'm glad you have a solution for the polio difficulties. My doctor thought I had polio because of my crooked spine. He said I would eventually have back pain as I grew older. So far, it's been sort of OK except for a little hunch that I have to keep working at.