Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sandals Halcyon, St Lucia

We stayed at the Sandals Halcyon resort on St Lucia. There are three Sandals resorts, but to our mind Halcyon was the best. It was the smallest - we visited the others and they are huge and much more impersonal - so we were able to get to know the staff and some of the other guests, so it was fun to meet up casually with people we knew and to carry on conversations with staff and guests started on other occasions. The other two resorts were much more like high rise hotels, whereas Halcyon buildings were no more than two stories high, and they nestled into the landscape more. And there were many more plants and trees at Halcyon. The youngsters visited the other resorts too and enjoyed the wider range of activities there, but preferred to be staying at Halcyon.
Yes, clouds. We went in the rainy season, which meant a few downfalls and cloudy hours. It was very, very hot - we were told that they were experiencing a heatwave - but our room was air conditioned and there were shady areas to sit. This is Kelly's Restaurant, built on a pier a few metres into the sea. It was only open at night, which was a bit daft as it was dark, so we couldn't appreciate the views!

This was the 'noisy' pool where some daily activities were organised, and there was music playing. You can see the swim-up bar there. All drinks were included which made it a good holiday for our sons and their partners!

This is the main restaurant, where breakfast and lunch were served every day. The buffet food was fabulous, and such a varied range. I spoke to the executive chef on the evening that we arrived about my need for gluten free food, and at every restaurant at the resort at every meal there was someone who either came up and told me what I could eat, or was very knowledgeable when I asked. I wasn't ill once, which was a real bonus on our holiday.

These are the rooms - as you can see, the buildings are only two stories high. The rooms were big, with enormous beds, lovely bathrooms, mini-bars and everything you might need for your holiday.

This is the second, quieter pool. No music or activities, though there is a swim-up bar. I was in here by 6.30 every morning, when I had it to myself and was able to do some real swimming rather than just lounging around. The whole family spent a lot of time in this pool.

The reception area - open on two sides to get a flow of air. This is where we met the courtesy bus to the other two resorts, or for excursions.



scraphappy said...

It looks like you had a lovely vacation. How nice that you were able to take both sons and their partners. What a nice way to spend time as a family.

Our Guilds said...

Beautiful pictures. Looks like a lovely place to relax.


Katie said...

How nice that they were concerned about your dietary needs. I know how hard it can be! I’m glad you had such a wonderful time. :-)

Kay said...

Oh gracious! You're making me want to go there too!