Saturday, 9 November 2013


I've shown lots of photographs of Ruby on here, but few of Rosie, so felt it was time to redress the balance. Rosie, the laziest cat in the world, is about fifteen now, very much the middle aged lady. She had a few months of activity when we first moved here and she discovered all the mice and shrews in the field that joins onto our garden, but soon reverted to her old, inactive self.

She hasn't taken to Ruby at all, and spends all day, every day up on our bed. I have to remember to put her out mid-afternoon, otherwise she'd never take a toilet break! She is willing to pass close to Ruby now, but never without a warning hiss, and will never come back through the cat flap during the day, but sits outside miaowing until someone lets her in. Even if it's pouring with rain. She goes in and out during the night though, so she must realise that Ruby is in her cage then. We wouldn't bother with the cage for Ruby at night time if it wasn't for Rosie.

But she's affectionate and loves it when I come and sit on the bed to use my laptop, or to have a rest and read my book. Then she snuggles up really close and purrs and licks my hand.


Diane-crewe said...

that not lazy .. thats conserving her energhy for the night time when she goes out HUNTING xx lol

Nina said...

Cats have their own littler personalities, don't they? Over the years I've had several and no two were alike...even a pair of litter mates were very different. Alas, we are now cat-less and will probably remain that way since the husband is not too fond of felines.

Lynn said...

Glad to see Rosie again. We went through the same thing last year when we got our dog. Even though our cat was used to dogs, she wasn't used to this one. Our old dog Maggie and the cat were best of buddies, but Molly would try to get the cat to play and take her toys and occasionally initiate a game of chase. At 15 I think Rosie deserves some lazy time.

Kay said...

Rosie is definitely a beautiful cat and doesn't show her age at all. I hope she and Ruby can be friends some day.