Sunday, 24 November 2013

Stow on the Wold

Yesterday, we went to Stow-on-the-Wold, another extremely pretty Cotswold town, full of pretty buildings and lots of lovely shops. We bought a few Christmas presents, some yummy chocolate and a few birthday cards. We had lunch in another lovely, dog friendly pub. We need to take Ruby into towns and pubs or cafes more often as she gets rather anxious and whimpery; as a country dog she rarely has to go on the lead or negotiate around on pavements, or sit under tables.

We'd taken the motor home with us, so that we had somewhere warm to leave the dog whilst we wandered in and out of the shops; so having packed up in order to drive off the site, we decided that it wasn't worth going back to the camp site for just one night, so came home last night instead of today. I've got a cold as well, so was quite happy to come home to our warm and cosy house.

This house was interesting as the paint had been stripped from the wood and so it looked very much like it would have done when it was first built, probably back in the fifteenth century, or even earlier.

Another Market Hall.

The market place was huge, giving plenty of space in these modern times for parking.

This claimed to be the oldest pub in Britain, built in 947 AD. Part of the building was once a Hospice (originally a resting place for travellers run by a religious order) on land belonging to Evesham Abbey. During alterations in the 1970s, some timber in the building was carbon dated to 50 years either side of 1000 AD


Nina said...

How fortunate that you have dog friendly pubs! Dogs are not allowed in restaurants here unless you are sitting outside and there is not table service. This time of year sitting outside can get rather chilly!!

Kay said...

Wow! The oldest pub? I wonder what it looked like then. You have so many interesting places to see in England. I'd love to go back.