Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Naughty purchases (67)

Having had yet another visit to the dentist yesterday, to have a broken tooth rebuilt, I think I've seen enough of my dentist - sympathetic and kind though he is - to last me for some months now.
Today I went to Hobbycraft to get some wadding, and ended up buying some fabric too, and some cute cat buttons (they're the quite unrecognisable thing in the middle of the picture) for my niece's quillow that I'm about to make. Well, they were having a half price sale for their fat quarters, which worked out at about £4 per metre. Now, I imagine that sounds like a lot to all you Americans, but take it from me, for the UK that's pretty cheap.  Don't you just love those colours. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, so it was rather a naughty purchase, but I'm sure I'll think of something in due course.

I also managed to get up to date with Bea at Capricorn's BOM. They're very cute stitcheries, and will make a lovely quilt for my sewing/craft room/study when we move. 

We haven't had any firm nibbles from Saturday's open day, but are still hopeful and have three more people coming to view tomorrow. We had a couple of very silly offers, people just trying it on because of the difficulties in the housing market. The weather forecast isn't too good, which is a shame because houses and gardens always look so much better in good weather (and it's better for Wimbledon too), but we shall just keep our fingers crossed.


Julie said...

So sorry about your dental problems. Would it depress you to know that I hit upon a quilt store sale where I bought nearly full bolts of fabric for $25 each? You can see me hanging onto them on one of my blog posts from a few days ago! I am so happy!

scraphappy said...

What lovely colors. I'm sure they will turn into a lovely bright quilt. It is hard to pass up a bargain, isn't it? Chin up on the open houses. You've just gone on the market, and the right buyer is sure to come along sooner or later. On the bright side, you haven't got any time limits or deadlines.

Candace said...

The fabrics are wonderful, I love the colors, and I love love plaids. The stitcheries are darling. Hopefully, the right person will come along soon.

Amelia said...

Love the fabric selection. I prefer the solid colors best...plaids and I don't get along too well...I can't cut real straight nor sew real straight...so they look wonky like.

I am like you visiting the dentist is not my kind of enjoyment.

Take care...

Lori said...

I love your "Naughty Purchase." I can NOT seem to leave the store without fabric. So..Your not alone! I really do not think there is a cure??? If there is ...I do not want any part of it! LOL

Now , I have to go convert your money to dollars.

Good Luck with the house. I hope you get some serious offers. : )

Lynn said...

I love those plaids. Again to the dentist - poor you !