Thursday, 10 July 2008

The American Museum (74)

Well, what atrocious rain we had yesterday. It was raining when I woke up and it didn't stop until the evening. And it was so heavy. So we had planned it just right. A leisurely start while DH read the papers and I did some sewing. I haven't done a huge amount of sewing but I have managed to finish a little redwork stitchery, which just needs borders to complete. Then we had a tour round the outskirts of Bath looking for likely areas to live (we didn't find any, I think we must have been in the 'wrong' part of the city) then on to the American Museum.

We had an early lunch in their cafe then went round the exhibitions. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photographs inside, but their website is very informative, with lots of pictures and a digital tour. There was an exhibition of early American history, as well as different rooms depicting life at different times up to the early 19th century. 

The textile room had rugs and tapestries as well as old quilts. It was rather dark in there, so difficult to see the quilts very clearly, but it was lovely to get so close to them. They ranged from real scrap/utility quilts that used up any leftover pieces of fabric (one had pieces ranging from crumb size to pieces about 10" x 25") to beautifully pieced log cabins and pieced quilts, to gorgeous crazy quilts with beautiful hand embroidery and finally a variety of appliqued quilts. How did they manage to make such tiny stitches? It's beyond me. What I was surprised at was the large size of some of the applique pieces.

The Titanic exhibition was fascinating, but by then I was really tired so looked round quickly then sat down while DH took his time. We didn't buy much in the shop. DH bought a map of the Wild West, showing where the Native American tribes originated. I bought a tea-towel with a schoolhouse patchwork pattern on it.

Today we return home, but hope to have time this morning to visit the Roman Baths and perhaps do a little more pig hunting - I can see a small quilt coming out of this (thanks to Candace for the idea).


Kay said...

I remember those Roman Baths. I hope you go and see it. It was very interesting.
I'm looking forward to seeing what home you buy. Oh dear, then you'll have to go through all that packing and moving, too. I have to tell you, it did turn out just fine for us even with all my extra gray hairs. Everybody was so nice and they really do take such nice care of your things.

Gina said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed the Museum. I think it's fascinating and Gemma loves going there.
I'm with you that Bradford on Avon is such a beautiful place. I often go through it on the train. One day I'll stop and have a look around.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Lori said...

Thanks for the update.The history nerd in me is fasinated. *really* I think.. Candice came up with a great idea.
I am eager to see your creation. I am sure.. it will be lovely.
Have a safe trip home.Rest and Regroup.

Gretchen said...

I'm so glad you are having a good time in Bath. It's funny to think of an American museum there. Rainy days are great museum days. Loved the photos of the Royal Crescent--one of the buildings I studied in grad school architectural history.

Lynn said...

It sounds like a nice visit to the museum, despite the rain. The textile exhibit was a perfect place for a quilter to do some sight seeing. One question though - what is pig hunting? It sounds like an expression and not something one does in Bath? At least I hope not!

Karen said...

Oh how I like that tea towel with the school houses on it. I love house quilt blocks. Good find.

Candace said...

Too bad the weather isn't cooperating a little better, but it sounds like you aren't letting it get the better of you. It's funny that you are in Bath, England, and going to an American Museum. I hope you have a good trip home.

Rhonda said...

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for sharing; I enjoyed the virtual tour of Bath and its histories. Those decorated pigs are adorable and how much fun you must had searching for them!

I love the "I Love to Sew" stitchery!

Donna said...

I like your stitchery. I am going to try and teach myself to do this type of stitching. I just bought a book about it that should be coming soon in the mail. It is something I never learned.