Thursday, 3 July 2008

A Sewing Day (68)

I've had one of those rare days where I was able to settle down in front of my sewing machine and just keep going, no interruptions, no phone calls, no domestic jobs. I stitched the top for my niece's quillow this morning. We have booked a few days in Bath (in Somerset) next week and I realised I'd better get a bit of a wiggle on or I'll never get it finished for her birthday on the 27th. It's a pretty basic pattern, 9 inch pinwheels alternated with plain blocks, so it went together pretty quickly. It's a good opportunity to use some fun focus fabric in the plain blocks too.

This afternoon I completed the cushion/pocket, though not without its own little drama. Having read Amy's enthusiastic account of her machine quilting I thought I'd use some of the stitches available on my new machine and do the same. However, in my usual way, I went off half-cocked and didn't bother to baste it first - it was stitched together round the sides for pete's sake, and it's only little, so what was the need! Well, of course, I didn't check as I was going and then, when I'd finished, I realised that it had gone wrong, not laying flat, all bunched up in places. I cursed a bit (only a little bit, honest) and then set to unpicking the whole lot. Two hours later and it was done. It's difficult to see here, but I've used several different cat fabrics for the pocket.

I spent an hour or so this evening hand quilting it with big stitch embroidery and tying. Then Rosie gave it her seal of approval, so that's okay.

I mentioned earlier in this posting that we are going to Bath next week. We haven't been there for over three years now, and it's a beautiful city. We're going to look round the area a bit more, with a view to moving in that direction (we hope) and also have a break. We've not planned a holiday this year, because of our potential move, so will settle for a few days here and there. We've booked into Pratt's Hotel, right in the city centre, and I will of course take my camera and laptop and try to keep blogging and posting pictures of Bath.


Rhonda said...

Bless your heart on the quilt Snafu but thank goodness it worked out. I love the fabrics you blogged about in your previous tpost. I really think you needed that fabric after the dentist visit....LOL

Candace said...

Looks like your 'sew day' was a success in spite of your little frogging episode. Your holiday in Bath sounds wonderful, and we will be looking forward to the photos. I need to google Bath now, so I'll know a little bit about it.

scraphappy said...

Great job on the quick finish. Are you doing the finish five by July challenge? You've already got a great start on it.

Brenda said...

Rosie has good taste! I like the fabrics and style together, also. You are not alone with the urge without basting...I admit I have been there and done that. I enjoy doing embroidery stitches for quilting a quilt it is relaxing and fun to experiment. Have a great time on vacation.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Don't give up on that machine quilting---mistakes happen, and that's okay, as long as we learn from them, right? Isn't that what "we teachers" always tell our students??? ;0)

I HAD never been a fan of basting either, BUT there isn't really any getting around it IF you want the quilt to lay flat and little to no puckers (I have YET to have THAT happen!!) :0)

Glad to see you tried it, though. It'll go ten times better next time--PROMISE!

Enjoy your day at Bath. I can't wait to see some more gorgeous UK photos!

MouseChirpy said...

Sorry to hear about the quilting woes but despite the trouble, it turned out just beautiful. Most importantly, it has been given the Kitty Seal of Approval. I'm sure your niece is going to love it. Have a fabulous vacation in Bath.

Lori said...

I am happy (Rosie gave her stamp of approval). The picture is too cute.
I can't wait to go to Bath with you. :0)
Please send the "no interruptions" my way!
Pretty Please....

Journeying said...

Love your quillow - bet your niece loves it, especially since it's officially approved by the kitty.
When I read the title of your Stone the Crows quilt, I immediately have the song from Joseph going through my head . . . is that where you got the name?
And by all means show us some pictures from Bath! My daughter has been there and we have some friends there, but I haven't ever made it there.