Saturday, 5 July 2008

Getting ready for our few days away (69)

I'm writing this while waiting to have my hair cut. I absolutely hate going to the hairdressers and have been really lucky to find someone who will come to the house - at the moment she's cutting DH's hair and will then get down to mine. For years I've had it really short, spiky short and towards the end of last year thought that I'd grow it, just for a change. However,  I'm reaching the point of total frustration with it, and am ready to give in and get it cut short again. I'll let you know later what my hairdresser decides!

We had another viewing this morning, so the house is super tidy - I do hope someone decides to buy it soon and we can go back to being normal. But at least, I don't have much to do before we leave tomorrow. As we're only going for a few days I don't need to pack much. I'm a very light traveller, unlike DH, who tends to take his entire wardrobe.

Bath is a wonderful city and I'm really looking forward to visiting it again. If you're interested in a sneak preview, here's a virtual tour of the city for you to look at.

PS - We settled on a compromise - it's much shorter at the front and on top than it was, but not as short as it used to be. And it feels so much better.


Candace said...

I enjoyed the virtual tour, although I wasn't too good at the navigating. I'm looking forward to your pictures. It does feel so much better when you get your hair cut, doesn't it. Have a good trip.

scraphappy said...

Have a lovely trip. I'm glad the house is showing. Are you going to post a picture of your new hairdo?

Julie said...

Have a great trip!

Gretchen said...

Have a wondeful time in Bath!!! I can't wait to see your photos. The photo of Rosie and the quillow is so cute! Don't you just love how cats have to "approve" everything.