Friday, 11 July 2008

Home (75)

We managed to squeeze in a visit to the Roman Baths before we left Bath yesterday, and once I have sorted out the photographs I took I shall post them in a separate blog. We had an easy journey home - no rain this time. Rosie was delighted to see us and hasn't left my side since we arrived, apart from being shut in the dining room over night as usual. But she started miaowing at about 5 o'clock this morning and is sitting beside me on the bed now, purring away. Number One Son had been in each day to feed her and water the plants, so everything is the garden was looking good too.

It's great to be home. I always enjoy visiting other places, but I'm a home bird at heart, and can't wait to get home at the end of a trip away.


Lori said...

Welcome Home! I think your kitty missed you. I am a "home body" too.

mreteveian said...

Good to read that you are back home, - I've enjoyed reading about your vacation.

scraphappy said...

Welcome home. I know exactly what you mean about being glad to get back. I have a trip planned in a few weeks, and as much as I am looking forward to it, I know I'll be so glad to be back home again.