Sunday, 6 July 2008

Journey to Bath - Sunday 6th July (71)

I'm writing this from my hotel room at Pratt's hotel in Bath, Somerset. We finally got going at about 11.00 am this morning. I don't know what it's like at your house, but at our house I'm always ready long before DH. There's always time to do a few more jobs. This morning I had time to make a tea-bag holder! I always carry herbal tea-bags with me, just in case, since I don't drink ordinary tea or coffee, though most places have them these days. I've learned from experience not to shift from what I'm doing until he announces that he's 'walk-out-the-door-ready'.

It hasn't stopped raining all day, we had some dreadful downpours on the way down which necessitated slowing right down and we've had a thunderstorm since we arrived at the hotel.

We stopped at a couple of places on the way here, and found a charming town called Corsham, with a really pretty pedestrianised High Street. Being a Sunday it was completely deserted, no shops open, almost no-one wandering around in the rain - apart from DH and I.

We got to Bath at about 3.00 pm, not too bad a journey all things considered. 

Pratt's Hotel was built in 1743 by John Woods the Elder, one of the city's most famous architects. It is a classic Georgian building 
with many original features. There's even a bowed landing on the staircase which was designed to enable sedan chairmen to carry their clients right back to their rooms after they had a treatment in  the spa baths.

We haven't done anything since arriving but unpack and watch the tennis, but apparently Boyzone are playing a concert at the park just behind the hotel, so we might wander down there after dinner and see if we can see anything - we shouldn't have any trouble hearing them.

I did spot this beautifully decorated pig right close to the hotel, so I shall be keeping my eyes open for more pigs as we walk around the city tomorrow.


Candace said...

I love the little tea bag holder, and the journey seems to have started off well, except for the rain. Your hotel sounds so different from anything we have here, maybe someday. The little pig is cute, do they do there the same as here where cities decorate their symbols, and display them for awhile, and then auction them. In Orlando it was manatees, Jacksonville, gators, and Lakeland swans, those are just a few. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Rhonda said...

This is fabulas.....I feel like I'm on vacation with you. Love the "Pig" too! Have fun.

Amelia said...

We have decorated horses here in our town...all painted by local artists. I sure like the colorfulness of the pig.

Have fun on your holiday outing.


Kristin said...

I am loving the tea bag holder! What a creative idea, and you did a beautiful job with it. :)

It looks like you all have a lovely trip ahead of you. The photos get the mind to wandering as though we were walking the streets with you.

Thank you for the sweet suggestion and the link for the bear pattern. They truly are very sweet. :)


CorshamJim said...

I'm glad you liked Corsham. If you're thinking of stopping off on your way back, check out to see what's going on.


Jim Avery, web admin for Corsham Diary

Julie said...

So nice. We don't have anything that old here in the States, as I am sure you know. I would love to see the sights that you see - one day!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

the rain pooh-pooh aside, it appears you are right ready to enjoy your time in Bath. Please keep up posted with all the goodies you and Christopher are enjoying so we can be pea-green with envy :0)

Kay said...

This is so much fun. Chicago decorated cows and I remember when Washington D.C. decorated panda bears. I hope you got to see a lot more pigs.

Julia said...

Hi Amanda.
I'm enjoying your little holiday with you as you show us some great photos..
I lived in London Hmm... 55 years ago, I still have very fond memories there in my childhood..