Sunday, 29 June 2008

Enlarged Stone the Crows (66)

Thanks to Amy for pointing out that it wasn't possible to enlarge the picture of my Stone the Crows quilt. I've changed it for a larger picture, so the words should be legible now. It seems to take you into Picasa if you click on it, but that will have to do for now! I'm off to watch last night's episode of Dr Who again. It was an absolute corker, well worth a second viewing.

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

:0) Glad I could help!

Regarding Dr. it the "newer" version, or the old Classics? I remember watching Dr. Who on Sunday mornings back when I was a kid (probably about 25 years ago???)---some actor with a slightly bigger nose and fuzzy, curly hair (*giggle*) .....from what I can remember, anyway.

Back to the Crow quilt---I think the layout you photographed looks just fine.

Oh my goodness! I just noticed the cat!!!! Nice touch! Very cute!