Monday, 23 June 2008

Piecing wadding and a visit to Brighton (65)

This morning I spent a jolly couple of hours piecing together hundreds (okay, I exaggerate, but there were probably about twenty) of scraps of wadding, enough to fit my single bed size Strawberry Crush. I found a perfect serpentine stitch on my new machine, and the whole thing ended up perfectly flat, which was amazing. So -- do I feel noble or what!! A virtually free wadding can't be bad.

We went to Brighton at lunchtime to meet number two son and his partner for lunch. The weather was gorgeous today, bright and sunny but not too hot, and we sat outside for lunch at a restaurant right by the sea. Then we found a fabric shop and I bought some material to make a shirt for No 2 son, as well as a shirt pattern and a trousers pattern for myself. We also went into the shop that I bought my new sewing machine from and I picked up the even feed and quarter inch feet that I forgot to buy when I bought the machine. So now there's no excuse. Then we had a cup of tea back down by the sea, and played a game of chicken with the waves. All in all, a lovely day.
So, I've got plenty to be doing over the next few weeks - shirts to make for DH and no 2 son, trousers for myself, as well as all the quilting and stitching I've been planning.

I know I put this Dear Jane quilt in my slide show yesterday, but I thought you might like another look at it. It's the first I've seen 'for real' and it was quite stunning. Perhaps I'll make a start on it for myself one of these days.


Lorraine said...

Don't do it...don't start a Dear Jane....LOL....I have resisted where others haven't - it becomes an obsession I think....but they are amazing!

scraphappy said...

I haven't tried piecing batting yet, but I'll have to give it a shot. I've got a bag of extra bits that I was saving for something or other. Good luck with the shirts and pants. After making quilts for a while, the thought of sewing something that's not flat seems a little scary to me.

Lurline's Place said...

That is a beautiful Dear Jane, Amanda! It is a great commitment ... so think really hard before your start! I started many years ago before the CD's were out - I did about 16 blocks then decided it was just all too much.
Good luck if you do start and I'm sure you will really enjoy it - can always make a nice cushion if it get too much.
Best wishes - Lurline.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane can be very addictive, big grin. I am currently quilting a Baby Dear Jane and maybe will do the big one some day.
This one is lovely.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

a-hem! Pictures????????
Come on girly-girl! Let's see that Strawberry Crush!

Carla said...

Brighton! Oh, that sounds so lovely! I've never been to Engaland or anywhere overseas for that matter but I've always wanted to go to Brighton. Maybe someday....


Kay said...

Oh my goodness! This is absolutely gorgeous! It must have taken months to complete.

Katie said...

I'm slowly convincing myself I have to make a Dear Jane quilt. Slowly! :-) I haven't seen on in person yet though.