Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Marmalade (50)

Yesterday I made some marmalade. I'm not too fond of jam, although I enjoy making it, and everyone else seems to like it, but I really do like marmalade. I like the slight bitterness that takes the edge off the sweetness. Unfortunately, I wasn't well when the Seville oranges were in the shops - they only seem to be around for a couple of weeks - so I had to use a tin for this batch. The tin contains ready prepared oranges, water, citric acid and pectin, so nothing 'nasty'.

Home made preserves probably don't taste that much better than shop-bought, but oh, the satisfaction I get from seeing the jars neatly labelled and lined up on the shelf. And the smugness I feel every time I open a jar and don't have to go out and buy one! When my sons were small I always made all our preserves, but that went by the board when I was working. Now I've got the time and I'm so pleased to get back to it. Marmalade, jam (last year plum this year strawberry I hope), pickles, chutneys, savoury jellies. Yum!

There's only one problem. I'm not supposed to eat anything with sugar in it and there's only the two of us at home now. Ah well, plenty to take to share with family and friends.


Linda said...

Hmmm, looks good. Isn't is so satisfying to be able to do things like this? Hugs, Linda

Amelia said...

Orange marmalade is the only thing I buy for me in the jelly/jam area. I bet home made is really great tasting.

My husband prefers grape over anything else...but since I have some strawberries I mighg try making some strawberry jam.

have a great day.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Julie said...

Marmalade sounds wonderful! I like to make fig preserves. I have two wonderful fig trees in my yard and they always produce way more than we need.

teacher retired said...

Hello. I haven't been blogging very long, but I am surprised by how many are retired teachers--me too.

I also have two sons (and a husband of course), and I am always impressed by people with enough patience and creativity to quilt.

I live in the U.S., Utah to be exact. Drop by any time; we may have some other things in common (but I don't make preserves either).

teacher retired said...

I left a comment a couple of hours ago, but it doesn't seem to have been added. I'll look later, but I've never had a comment take this long to post.

Candace said...

And the jars look so pretty next to your new curtains.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

*saliva collecting*
Trust me Amanda----if your family is anything like mine, your sons will be FIGHTING over the jars!! FOr us, though, it's homemade strawberry jam! I have to admit, that I've never had homemade marmalade (or ANY marmalade for that matter.) As my kids would say...I bet it's "delish!" (duh-lish)