Friday, 6 June 2008

Two stitcheries finished (52)

Sorry the Noah's Ark block (Lynette Anderson) photograph is a bit fuzzy, but I've tidied it away now for the Estate Agents' visits so it'll have to do. I gave the front kangaroo some flowers to carry because I'd drawn an extra line in by mistake. A happy piece of serendipity.

The Mr Men sampler is for my nephew, who will be 4 next month. 


gingerquilts said...

Love your Noah's ark embroidery. I thought about doing it but never got it started. Maybe I'll copy them onto muslin and take them in the car with me when I'm carting the kids around.

I REALLY love your chicken/rooster goodies from your last post! I collect roosters and rooster items from antique shops for my kitchen, so I'm really drooling over yours.

Have a terrific weekend! Jenni

Lynn said...

Love the kangaroos. You were fast with them. I may need to give one of mine a flower also now that I've seen yours

Tanya said...

Hi Amanda. Just checking in. I looked at your kangaroos with longing since I'm obviously not going to get back to this project until I'm back in Japan. Also I'm interested in your opinion about the Orange Crush since I haven't seen step 5 yet (I'll run over to Bonnie's website after this) but was in the fabric store today looking for fabric for it. Almost impossible since I don't remember what all I've already done on it.

Lurline's Place said...

Hi Amanda,
It's a small world ... thought I would visit and there you are doing one of Lynette's designs. She used to live just north of me in Brisbane and started The Patchwork Angel. The kangaroo carrying flowers is cute!
Best wishes - Lurline.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Amanda, dear---first of all, THANK YOU for your positive comments day in and day out on my blog---you got me to the last day of school :0)

Your "chicken" finds are adorable from yesterday---specailly that cute little 6-egg basket holder! I feel your pain (literally) regarding the dentist---my appt in coming up on Monday---ick!

I'm not much of a sewer other than machine sewing/piecing quilts. I used to cross-stitch, but quilting holds my heart now. The Mr Men looks like it'll be perfect for a little boy----what are your plans for the Noah's ark? Quilt, too?

Finally, regarding the OC---I don't have any advice yet. I am still in the process of #4. However, I did peek ahead and look at some of the pics in the Part 6 album. There was one posted there that used similar colors to mine (lime green and orange) and it actually looked rather "neat", so.....we'll see how mine turns out. Something "bright" might just be perfect for the summer!

Gina said...

Love the Mr Men. Good luck withthe viewing
love and hugs xx

Musings said...

Hi Amanda! You've been very busy. These are gorgeous works of art. Congratulations!