Thursday, 5 June 2008

Dentist, delights and a dilemma (51)

Yesterday was the next visit to the dentist, supposedly to have the fitting done for a new crown and bridge - but then he found some decay under a filling in the next tooth along, so had to fill that as well. I felt decidedly battered when I left, so went for a short walk before getting back in the car. My dentist is about seven miles away (that shows you how difficult it is to get a NHS dentist nowadays - there must be about fifty that are closer, but their lists are full) so I don't often visit the village. 

There's a wonderful shop there called Godstone Antiques and Curios Emporium. It's a real treasure trove with stuff tucked away into corners and under shelves, everywhere. I often find things I like in shops like that, but rarely buy them because they seem overpriced. But yesterday I found three 'must haves'. Isn't the little chicken basket cute? I think it's probably supposed to be a plant holder, but since there's only two of us at home now we rarely have more than 6 or 8 eggs, so it's just the right size.

The little chicken hook 'thingy' is so 30s looking and cute. It will look great with tea towels hanging from it - or shopping bags, or something else that I haven't thought of yet. Can you see a theme developing here for my new kitchen when we move?

And finally, the piece de resistance (I know there should be an accent in piece but don't know how to get one). I spotted this quilt hidden under a shelf. I could only see a corner of it and when I pulled it out I was astonished at the size (it's folded into 4 in the photograph) and the price - £10!!! So, it's found a new home with me. It was a bit of a squeeze to get it into the washing machine, but I did manage to get it dry outside yesterday afternoon. Isn't it great? It's machine pieced and hand quilted, and I love the soft muted colours. I don't know where to put it yet, but for the time being it looks really cosy just draped over the banisters.

And now, my dilemma. Step 6 of the Orange Crush Mystery has been posted and I really don't much care for it. I have loved all of Bonnie's quilts since I discovered her site, but this one is really too bright and too busy for me. I really don't like my blocks together either. So I'm toying with the idea of making two quilts - and adding in some plainer blocks with the solid colours I used. The spinning stars seem to get lost in there, and I'd like to see them properly. So, today, I shall be playing around with the blocks and see if I can find something that I like better. I did tell myself to 'keep the faith' and all would be well, but there's no point finishing it if I'm really not happy with it. I don't imagine anyone will be calling out the Quilt Police. Sorry, though.


Gina said...

What a find. I never seem to find anything good when I go shopping.

That's the risk with mystery quilts unfortunately. Is there anyone you can donate the quilt to if you don't find a solution?

love and hugs xxx

Deda said...

Fantastic this idea of "Quilting Police"! It could feed a short story. Seriously!

Candace said...

Sounds like an awful dentist trip, but a great shopping trip. I love all 3 finds. (I also have chickeny things in my house) That quilt is gorgeous, what luck that you noticed it. I am not so sure about my quilt either. I have thought all along that I might try to make 2 quilts from it. Haven't quite decided, yet. The orange and blue would be great for my brother, as he is a fan of a football team that has those colors. Still thinking.

Amelia said...

Love your new purchases in the chicken theme.

I agree the end results for Orange Crush was not what I had expected. Her finished one looked too hodge podge for me..the patterns seemed to be lost. Now don't get me wrong I usually always like her quilt patterns and the ones she makes...but this one did not seem to hit the bulls eye in my books.

Oh well, to each is own.

Enjoy the weekend!


Lynn said...

You've been busy, marmalade, dentist, antique shopping. I love your finds at the antique store. I still need to finish step 5 - before I look at step 6 - I'm afraid to! Like you I feel that my colors are too bright. So based on that, I say do whatever it takes to make you like your finished product.

Lurline's Place said...

Oh, Amanda,
Don't be sorry - you'll find a way with your OC - I'm setting mine straight as Julia (Camille's Place) has done! I've also procrastinated about this quilt, but I'm sure if we keep at it, we'll have lovely quilts. I love your new find - fancy it being hand quilted.
Best wishes - Lurline/Australia.

Musings said...

Oh Amanda, I am truly living vicarously through you. Those are fabulous buys! Each one is so very unique and wonderful! Lucky you!

Rhonda said...

That chicken basket and hooks will look great in my kitchen! So if they don't work out in your kitchen, you know where to send them! LOL
That quilt is a great find!
So sorry to hear that you don't really care for the OC mystery. Making two quilts from each step will be a great solution. I always thought that the star blocks and album blocks will make great quilts on their own. Good luck!

Andee said...

Your find is beautiful and I too love a good deal! Congrats on that!

Helen in the UK said...

What good luck finding the quilt!!
If you're not happy with the OC blocks you should definately try arranging them differently. I really like the spinning star blocks and they would look great together. The other blocks might be harder as they contain the large orange squares, but I'm sure you'll come up with a good solution. Never be afraid to experiment :)

Mocha MonsterPants said...

Amanda, you and I are DEFINITELY on the same wavelength, as they say. I laid out all of my OC blocks and nearly fainted, I should have had my sunglasses on. I think your idea of interjecting some other blocks is a good one, I admit I'm more ready to call this done, so I will sew it as is. But it is definitely going to be a picnic quilt, it surely isn't going to hang on the walls. Be sure to post your quilt with your modifications, even if they are blocks of some solid-ish fabric (tone on tone, marbled,etc.), I think that will "help" things.

My husband saw it and said, "Whooey! I could READ by that light!" I can't say I disagree.

Thanks for helping me know I'm not crazy.

And in case no one posted already, I realized you were counting Michigan as two states. It is an odd one, they aren't connected but they are one state. I bet that has confused more than one school child!

:) Colleen

Lori said...

I stopped by to see your orange or strawberry crush.I hope you came up with a solution.I am sad for you. No, I won't call the quilt police.I myself have had this happen before. My answer to the problem was- give it away.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Hi Amanda, you got some very nice buys there and the quilt is amazing value!

I joined a quilters guild when I moved here and have completed one hand pieced and hand quilted 'sampler' lap quilt, I will post a piccie one of these days.

Elisabeth Augusta said...

I totally agree with you about the OC solution. I kind of like my blocks, and I will find a way to use them. I may go for sashings, not sure yet.

Katie said...

Lots of people are iffy about their OCs. I think it's a very cool the right fabrics. I'm not sure about mine either. I'm going to finish it since I was planning to use it as a shower curtain. I think it's fine for that.