Friday, 13 June 2008

Blood tests (BOO!) and progress (HOORAY!) (58)

Yesterday I had to go to London for blood tests, which wasn't a great deal of fun. My new homeopathic doctor wanted some done on the NHS (last Monday) and some which had to be done at a private clinic in London. It entailed glucose tablets when I got there, wait one hour, have about an armful of blood taken (with the usual problems of finding a vein willing to co-operate), then go and have a high protein lunch, wait an hour and a half and go back to have another armful of blood taken (again, with the usual vein-finding fun). So that was quite a boring way to spend a day in London. Words like hedgehog and pincushion spring to mind!

Well, at last some decisions about my Strawberry Crush Plus One (or two or three or more). I've made a twin size using both blocks with a pale green spotty border - which doesn't show up at all well here - and used the Step 2 square blocks for an extra border at top and bottom. I've used the straight setting which I'm much happier with. And it's growing on me. I'm going to put the rest of the spinning star blocks with sashings I think and see what size it ends up.

And then I had a brilliant idea for the triangle blocks. I was starting to think about presents to make for cleaners, hairdresser etc, for when we move house, and thought about making these tote bags using the blocks. I'm rather pleased with the outcome. This one is very simple, not lined or anything, so I will have to think whether I should line the rest that I make.

Now I'm going to rest and do some hand sewing, as I am determined to keep enough energy to get up to London again this evening as we have tickets for Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. I'm really looking forward to that.


scraphappy said...

I think the Strawberry Crush turned out quite well, especially considering all of the agonizing you did over it. I think your bag is just adorable. What a nice way to use up the extra blocks!

Amelia said...

Quilt and bag - quite good looking.

Have fun tonight while out running around in London town.


Renee said...

I'm sure you are at the theater right now. Hope you are enjoying the show. I noticed that you have the Quilting Blogger logo on your blog. I've joined, but you know me, I can't get the logo onto my blog. Still can't figure out how to do it. Any suggestions? I do hope that you get very good results from those tests. Have a good weekend. Renée

Lynn said...

Hurray - I really like your strawberry crush layout. It looks great. I like it against that headboard. Tickets to the theater and an evening in London. It sounds very exciting. Have fun!

Tanya said...

Hey, I love the pink and purple! I haven't figured out at all what I'm going to do with this quilt. I have no imagination at all so when Bonnie said orange, I only think orange. The different colors are great! I hope I can get back into this quilt when I get back home.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

LOVE the quilt
ADORE the handbag!!!
Enough said :0)

Roslyn Atwood said...

Oh I do love your OC, uh I mean BC[berry crush] I couldn't think what I would do with my Oc so I'm happy the QOV idea came to me when I saw the red & blue spinning stars taking shape. What will you do with your mystery?Your tales of your locale make me think I could also live in a quaint little English village. It's such a different life, isn't it?
Oh, choke cherries-a small wild cherry with a very large pit-the black bears love them & you can see the pits in their scat!I will post pics!Of the plants not the bear scat,LOL!

Kay said...

The quilt and bag are very beautiful, Amanda. You are mighty talented!

I sure do hate those blood tests, too. Are you checking for diabetes with the glucose? I have learned to drink a lot of water before I take a blood test. The technician told me I should drink more water from 24 hours before. I made the mistake of going in dehydrated once and oh my...they had trouble finding my veins, too.

Rhonda said...

Uhh... blood tests... no fun at all!

OC Mystery... now that's fun!
I'm glad that you decided to put the two steps together. I really truely like it very much!
Cute tote!

Have fun at the show! :-)

Scribbit said...

Beautiful quilting--is there anything prettier?

Deda said...

What means the word "sashings", dear Amanda?

Helen in the UK said...

Congrats on coming up with a way forward with your Strawberry crush. It looks great!! Clever way to use up the extra triangle blocks too :)

Lurline's Place said...

Your Strawberry Crush looks great!
Best wishes - Lurline.

Gretchen said...

Your OC quilt turned out great!!! You are so clever to use the remaining blocks for bags; how fun! I am so glad you went to the theater in London--you needed it after blood tests, yuck.

Sandy said...

I have spinning star blocks left over from my OC so thank you sew very much for the idea to use them in totes!!!
Will solve gift giving - and use the extra blocks - win, win!!

Like the look of your strawberry crush.
Sandy in South Australia