Saturday, 7 June 2008

Catching up with May (53)

I've just looked again at the photographs in the last post. They really are dreadful. I shall have to take more effort I think, and not settle for the first one that I take.

Well, how did I do with May's targets? I've finished the sun dress and nearly finished the shirt waist dress - just the hem to do. I'm not completely bowled over by either of them, but it's the first dressmaking I've done for about 20 years, so not too bad. I'm up to date on the BOM blocks, I've finished the Mr Men Sampler for Atticus and the quillow for E. I finally finished the black and white quilt and made the little cat tails wall hanging. Not too bad I guess.

I've finished all the blocks for the Orange Crush Mystery, but don't know what to do with them now. I laid them all out as per Bonnie's instructions and really didn't like it. Nor did DH. It is just too bright and busy for us. Perhaps in a larger house where you can get away from it, but in our Victorian semi it just looks wrong. I'm afraid I just can't face finishing something that I'm not going to love. Is this going to become my first UFO? Well, I'm still thinking and planning and hoping to salvage something, because I love the materials, and I love the blocks in very small numbers and not on top of each other. Perhaps I'll be able to do something with some sashing?

I haven't started either the shirting or the doctor's quilts yet, so they move forward into June. All in all though, not a bad month. 


Candace said...

Your photographs are small, but not dreadful. I don't take a lot of photos either, usually just 2 or 3 and pick the one I like best.
I think you did very well with May's targets, and not only do you have quilts and embroidery, but new clothes to wear too. Hum, that is a new concept, maybe I will have to try it. Hope you figure out something that you like for your OC blocks. You rarely (I have never) see the name Atticus over here, but my son's youngest son is Kevin Arimus, he is a Three Musketeers fan.

scraphappy said...

What about separating the blocks into two smaller quilts. They might be a good size for donation if separated.

Julie said...

Amanda, I like your idea of making two separate quilts from the blocks. Then some sashing could calm it down further. Good luck!

Lynn said...

I have the same problem, my OC looks insane! Keep us posted on what you are going to do, it may help all of us who are OC challenged at this point.

meggie said...

Your photos are ok! dont be hard on yourself.
I am visiting from another blog, & just came for a nosey at your Orange crush. Do let us see what you have done. I see quite a few are not altogether happy with the layout. Have you ever visited Camille's Place? Julia is setting hers on point, & they look nice. Her address is in my blogroll.
I have enjoyed meeting you, & reading your posts. You Janome looks similar to mine, & I love it!

Ruthie said...

I would love to see your OC blocks laid out.

Linda said...

Amanda, have you seen the other quilters blogs that have laid the quilt out straight setting instead of on the diagonal. You don't use all the blocks but it really calms down the quilt...try that. I am on step 5...too soon to tell what mine will look like. Good luck, Linda

P.S. There is nothing wrong with your pictures. hugs, Linda