Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Messrs Bodgitt and Scram ....(160)

Messrs Bodgitt and Scram had great fun on Sunday afternoon, wallpapering our smallest bedroom. Thank goodness it is still the pantomime season, as we would have fitted right in. Ranging from knocking the paste bucket over, to cutting the paper too short, getting tangled up in the pasted paper, we were a real slapstick team. I even managed, quite unintentionally, to put the past bucket right at the foot of the ladder, but luckily Christopher spotted it in time and missed it. But the paper is up and you have to look really closely to spot the 'patchwork' bits - well it is going to be for a sewing room, so the paper will fit right in!

You can't really tell what the paper is like from this picture, but it's a white background with a pale silvery grey pattern. Very grown up and elegant - how we came to choose it is a mystery, but it does look very pretty.
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Today I started painting - a pale dove grey, but I'm not certain that I like the paint. I'll just have to cover as much of it as possible with quilts and stitcheries - mind you the room is so small that there won't be much wall space left blank by the time all the furniture is in. Tomorrow - more painting. In the days of my youth I could have finished it in one day, but these days I like to take things at a more leisurely pace.


Simone de Klerk said...

Love the wallpaper! Good luck with finishing the room (O:

Kay said...

That's a very lovely wallpaper and it sounds like you both had a gloriously fun time. I'll bet that room is going to be amazing. You both sound like you've got tons of energy and are accomplishing a whole lot in a very short time.

Amelia said...

As you say the pattern is real elegant..plus you had to match the seams...which can be difficult.

Wish I could have been a fly on the wall and have watched the papering process...bet I would have had some real chuckles (from the way your post indicated).

Painting can be hard on the old body now. For me it is the climbing up and down the step stool - my knees just don't like that kind of punishment.

Gretchen said...

I LOVE your wallpaper!!! It would be beautiful as a fabric too! I think you will like the gray walls--I have two rooms painted gray (a mercury silver gray in my living room and a deeper cloud gray in the bedroom). Gray is a wonderful neutral.

Rhonda said...


Anita said...

The paper looks lovely. How nice to have a special space to use for sewing. The rain and wind have arrived here so it is really nice to sit at the sewing machine and piece the mystery quilt from Quiltville.com . Even managed to get my sister hooked on this one.

scraphappy said...

The wallpaper looks just lovely. Refinishing a room is so much work, but it will all be worth it when you have a fresh, beautiful and organized sewing space to use.

Gina said...

this is the tast of things to come at my house. We are swapping bedrooms with gemma so she can have a bigger room. We now need to wallpaper both rooms as she doesn't like our decor and we don't like hers. I'm really not looking forward to it. We are crap at wallpapering.
Seeing as you and Christopher are obviously pros at it will you come and do ours. I'll supply plenty of tea and goodies.
Love and hugs Gina xxx