Thursday, 29 January 2009


Yesterday morning was Class 2 of my Intermediate Patchwork and Quilting course. We put the borders around the mariner's compass block we made last time and then made a Le Moyne Star, learning how to set the background blocks into the star. I was really pleased with how my first attempt turned out and I so love the colours, they're so spring-like.

I seem to have chopped off a few of the points when I cropped the photograph, but they are there - promise! Getting all my gear, the sewing machine, fabric, etc, to the class was a lot easier this time, thanks to my new granny trolley that Christopher bought me. 

I had been saying that I would prefer to walk to the shops to do my shopping, but it was just too far to carry stuff back home. I thought a trolley would be useful, but not a tartan granny trolley. He found this one in a local shop and I love it, it's so funky and snazzy, not at all 'old ladyish'. Now I won't have to take the car out for small amounts of shopping, and when I go to classes I can park in the cheaper, further away car park. 

Today I made the other three Le Moyne stars. Next time, in two weeks, we are learning how to make a vine and do applique. Although I've done quite a bit of applique now I shall be pleased to learn how to do it properly!

On the food front, it's all been a bit hit and miss recently. I've tried a couple of new recipes which weren't all that successful. Christopher, bless him, eats up manfully and is always encouraging, but I do feel a bit guilty. So tonight, it's simple. I've bought a couple of fresh trout, which we'll have with loads of fresh vegetables, and some mashed potato for him. I have tried a new recipe for gluten free bread today, and I hope it works. I'd do almost anything for a decent slice of toast!


Anonymous said...

Sounds great all is going well with your classes i wish there was a group near here, im finding things hard to teach myself, ive seen knitting groups and x-stitch but not quilting.

Applique is one i 2 like to learn.

Hope the bread taste`s good.

Linda said...

Your block looks great! I also like the fabric choices - need that hope for spring right now! lol
Your trolley is wonderful! Sleak & styling!
Good luck with the recipes!

Lynn said...

The star looks perfect. Love the trolley - it's very hip. My teenage daughters love zebra prints - so you'll be on fashion's cutting edge!

Amelia said...

Now lady bug, that Granny carrier is fantastic looking...makes carrying things much easier plus you look all "stylish" at the same time. Quilt block is right on with the color selection and those sharp points. The part I find most difficult is getting the points at the center to all come together correctly. Were the corner squares inserted with a "Y" seam?

Have a great weekend!

Anita said...

Good luck with your new meal plan. I hope the bread works for you sometimes you can't beat a nice piece of toast. Love the colors of your star it came out very nice.

Kay said...

Your mariner's compass is just beautiful, Amanda and I love the granny trolley. How perfectly convenient and stylish! Lucky you to have such a thoughtful, wonderful husband.

Kay said...

Your mariner's compass is just beautiful, Amanda and I love the granny trolley. How perfectly convenient and stylish! Lucky you to have such a thoughtful, wonderful husband.

Gina said...

love the fabric you've used in your star.
that trolley is fabulous. I'm like you I would love one but they are all the granny tartan around here aswell. I'll have to keep on looking.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

scraphappy said...

Excellent job on the LeMoyne Star. Those set in seems take a bit of getting used to, but it is one of my all time favorite quilt patterns. I have one on my bed that is cheater stars made from half square triangles rather than diamonds.
I'm sure the cooking news will improve. Trying new recipes is a hit or miss proposition. Hopefully you'll be able to have a good experiences and add those to the rotation.

Simone de Klerk said...

The star looks perfect, Amanda! I look forward to your applique. Have a lovely weekend (O: