Sunday, 4 January 2009

Friday and Saturday (158)

On Friday I buckled down and got our smallest bedroom ready for decorating. I removed everything except the chair and the bed-base, removed a noticeboard and some shelves, filled all the holes and sanded them down. I still need to sand the woodwork, but apart from that we're ready to roll. I hope that we can get the wallpaper up this afternoon.

As you can see, it's a tiny room and last decorated quite some years ago - just look at that yellow, lime green and orange!! The mattress will be stored under the spare room bed, and with the base turned on its side there will just about be room for my sewing table and a chair and perhaps the ironing board. I'll be putting a new shelf unit in the alcove for all my craft and sewing things. Then I'll have to find new homes for all the towels and bed linen which have lived in there in the past.

Yesterday was very pleasant. We went to Brighton to have lunch with some friends, and managed to get both our sons along too. I was so pleased; we had telephoned the restaurant in advance to talk about my dietary requirements and they were very helpful. We agreed on a prawn risotto, and when we got there I discovered that they had put it on the main menu, so I wasn't made to feel too different and awkward. And a very good risotto it was too. We walked back to our friends' house (about 20 minutes in the freezing cold sea breeze, very bracing!) and on the way passed a junk shop. Outside on the step I saw this:

Christopher did a bit of haggling and it was mine. I'm sure I can find a space for it in my new sewing room, it stands about 2'6" high. I'm sure it will look lovely draped with something or other.

And then, last night, ta da!!! (Imagine a trumpet fanfare if you will) I finished my first ever sock.

And it fits!! Now the challenge is to make another one roughly the same size. There were a few tricky bits, and the odd hole has appeared, but I managed to work through the instructions and I'm truly chuffed to have achieved something that actually looks like a sock.

And so, after a very lazy start to my Sunday morning, I'm off to do some sewing while Christopher is running. The domestics will have to wait.

Have a good day - and by-the-way, if you haven't got too much on your plate and would like to join in the PIF, please let me know, there's still room.


Anonymous said...

Goodluck with the wallpapering, it will look so great when done,

Love the find at the junk shop,

Take care

Amelia said...

What a find at the antique shop. Wonder how old it is...

What pattern have you chosen for your wall paper? Be sure to post us some photos.

scraphappy said...

You've done the hard part in tearing the room apart. Hopefully putting it back together will be the fun part. Have you picked colors yet? Good luck on the second sock. I've never made any, but I hear it's hard to get motivated to start the second one. Not that I should worry, you have no UFO's!

SueR said...

Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you with the redecorating, can't wait to see how it all looks when it's transformed. The dress form is very interesting--is it wood? So funny about the sock, I've wanted to learn how to knit socks for ages. Never knitted before, so I got a couple of books last week and got started--with a scarf! Gotta start somewhere!

Jeanne said...

Have fun with your room. The junk store purchase will look perfect in there!

Gretchen said...

Can't wait to see your new sewing room! It's so much fun to redecorate a room.

Miss AJ said...

I am laughing. My younger son's bedroom is ..yes you've guessed it... Orange, Lime Green and yellow.

It is so bright that after I had painted it I kept asking him if he was really sure that he liked it as I had no objection to repainting.

Wall papering is a forgotten art here in Australia. It does add an attractive look to a room.

Kay said...

Oh yes, this is very nice indeed. Congratulations on a job well done.