Saturday, 12 March 2011

Quilt Along

Lily's Quilts QAL

I've only ever done one quilt along, Bonnie Hunter's Orange Crush, very early on in my quilting career. I wasn't too happy with that at the time, although I've learnt to love the quilt since then, apart from the quilting. So I've decided that the time has come to join in another. Lily's Quilts is just starting a dresden plate quilt along quilt that looks like fun so I've signed up for that one.

This bit is especially for Lynne, who says she's lost her blogging mojo; why not join in on this quilt along too, then you'll be able to blog about your progress.

I recently bought some Kaffe Fassett fabric 'just because it was cheap' - well it was cheaper than I'd seen it in other shops, so what was I to do? Some of it is his multi-designs-one-fabric, so that gives me 12 different designs, just perfect. All I needed was some white background fabric.

Every now and then I go through a 'Puritan' phase and feel that I shouldn't spend much money - more often than not if truth be told - so decided to go for a plain white, which would be cheaper than a tone-on-tone. I found some good quality, 100% cotton; true, it was as stiff as a board, but that was bound to come out if I washed it. So, I did, I washed it and it's still as stiff as a board. Now I'm telling myself that it will soften up once I start to handle it.

Watch this space!

Rosie clearly doesn't agree with us that spring is definitely on the way!


Celia said...

I'll certainly be watching 'your space' as I have a dresden plate in progress which I probably should get back to working on it.

Karen said...

Is Rosie under the quilt?

Amelia said...

Dresden plate pattern...a fun pattern. Are you using these new fabrics?

That our cats...ruling the house!

jabblog said...

Those colours and designs simply sing.

Lynn said...

Thanks for thinking of me, yes I'd love to join in (if it's not too late). It would be a great way of using up my Christmas fabric stash?!

Quilter in the Gap said...

Not too late at all Lynne...jump right in. I love your fabric choices. These will look amazing!!!