Sunday, 13 March 2011

The cupboard was bare

The kitchen is now bare and empty, a bit like when we moved in two years ago but not quite as clean! The kitchen fitters are due to start tomorrow and hopefully finish on Saturday. We shall see. Here's a few snaps of the kitchen this evening.

The view as you walk into the kitchen from the hallway. You can just see the door to my sewing room at the back.

That's the sewing room door again, this time looking towards the window on to the garden.

Standing with my back to the fridge freezer, looking towards the sink and the garden window again.

Standing with my back to the sewing room door looking down the length of the kitchen. Christopher just had to get in on the act of course.

Standing in the same place and looking towards the left. The open door is the door to the dining room. That window and the other one on the same wall look out on to the lane.

I wonder what it will look like this time next week.


Kay said...

I know you said the photos make your old kitchen look nicer than it actually is, but gosh Amanda... Your BEFORE photos of your kitchen are really gorgeous! The set up is wonderful and huge. You really have a beautiful home!

Amelia said...

It looks so large and cheery. What are you having done?

scraphappy said...

Best of luck with your remodel. I hope it goes quickly. Until then, I hope you will have some extra time due to being unable to prepare meals.