Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Going crazy ....

from lack of sewing.

Last week I couldn't get into my sewing room - so hand sewing only.
Over the weekend I was busy cleaning the kitchen and getting it into some sort of order - no sewing at all.
Yesterday I had to take my sewing machine to be serviced. It will be away for up to a week.
This week I have my first assignment to write for my Open University course. It's due in on Friday and I'm way behind. I have a workshop on Thursday which loses one day, and I'm pretty tied up with things today, which leaves me two days to write it - so no sewing at all. 
Next week we're going away for a week's holiday - hand sewing only.

I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms and beginning to forget what I had on my mental list.

I just hope that the week after that is a little quieter so I can just sit and sew on my sewing machine.


Amelia said...

I don't suppose there is any medicine for your "problem". One thing that might "help" is to find a fabric shop while on Holiday and buy up some new fabric.

Kay said...

I'll bet once you get time to work on your sewing machine you'll come up with a dozen quilts in a day. :-) You are just amazing, Amanda. Good luck getting everything done! You are one very busy lady.

Candace said...

Seems like you might need a little Janome Jem, or a little old Singer Featherweight. That way you could tuck yourself in a corner, or bring along a little table in your Motor Home and get a little R & R of the sewing type. It wouldn't take up much room, and you could have a sewing fix nearby at all times, even if it is just chain-piecing charm squares, lol.

Lynn said...

I had the same problem too last week, I couldn't get into my sewing room, laundry, yardwork, house stuff, and kids all conspiring against me. Is the workshop sewing related? A trip?!!

scraphappy said...

I understand entirely how you feel. It will be worth it though when your new kitchen is finished and your machine is home again. You'll have plenty of excuse to spend some quality time catching up on sewing and cooking.