Monday, 14 March 2011


The fitter arrived at 8.30 this morning and this is the kitchen at 11.00am. The fridge freezer has been moved to its new position and the cupboards on one side ripped out.


Lynn said...

Just looked at your post and the one before it. How fast things are progressing! When we redid ours - my husband and I tore it apart (literally) and I have to admit pretty fun to see those old nasty cabinets go. It is exciting to make it your own, since moving in.
I looked at your green quilt. I loved the fabric I saw, is that this month's quilt for your color challenge?

jabblog said...

I hope it all goes smoothly - and quickly! The kitchen is not called the heart of the home for nothing;-)

Kay said...

Oh wow! Amanda! That's incredible. Thank you for sharing this. I do love seeing a home renovation in progress. I'm really excited for you. This guy works FAST!